Justin Bieber Breaks Up With Hamster, Gets Back With Selena Gomez

justin bieber hamsterJustin Bieber stunned the audience at a recent show in Atlanta when he gave away his beloved hamster, PAC, to a lucky concertgoer.

But not everyone was happy the boy and his critter were parting: The California Hamster Association (CHA) blasted the breakup as “animal cruelty.”

The pop-culture site Celebuzz claims PAC is in good hands, thankfully: “He sleeps during the day and plays at night,” says new owner Victoria Blair. “I worship that little hamster… He’s like my baby”

Bieber split from the rascally rodent was suspiciously close to his reported reunion with girlfriend Selena Gomez. Could Selena have insisted the hampster be sent PAC-king if they were going to rekindle their flame?

Richard Gere was not available for comment.