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Justin Bieber grabs a handful in an elevator

Justin Bieber is no stranger to having the Internet obsess over his physical form. And before he transcends it through an ancient and mystical meditative practice, laughing knowingly from an orb of consciousness floating somewhere in the heavens (you know it’s coming), the 23-year-old pop sensation isn’t quite through playing with the fact that all it takes is a mere handful to get the Internet a-buzz all over again.

And on, and on. Forever and ever.

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Answer Justin’s latest cry for attention below:

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  • mhoffman953

    He’s probably grabbing down there because he doesn’t wash

  • Kieran

    Bullying is not cool. Let Justin be Justin.

    • Hermes


    • pudman56

      If it’s photo shopped I don’t think it’s done “all that poorly.” The young boy has developed and maintained quite the attractive physique. I’m not a fan of his “music” but I can’t use that to judge his looks. He is a young hottie.

    • 18plus

      Not photoshopped at all, its from his appearance on Fashion Rocks 2014 google it easy to find!

  • Jack Meoff

    Will this man-child never go away. What is Queerty’s obsession with him?

    • pudman56

      He’s friggin’ hot. It’s not just Qweerty. I said earlier, I’m not a fan of his music but this “man-child” has great physical appeal.

    • Hermes

      Grow up — we don’t need that man child to go away, we need people who can’t be happy with anyone who is more of a success than they are to do so.

  • duje_buric

    What ois he grabbing actually??? I don’t see that he grabbed much more than shorts. :D :D :D

    • pudman56

      Actually, I think it’s been pretty well confirmed that he has been endowed with plenty to be proud of. I’m just sayin’. That’s what I’ve read. Anyway, what he’s grabbing is enough for this old man.

  • YourDad

    Kid needs a spanking …

    • Kieran

      I’ll volunteer if you really think it will help him.

    • pudman56

      Damn. Your reply beat mine by 3 hours. When you’re done, I’ll be glad to give him a happy ending to your punishment.

    • jhon_siders

      I’ve said that before needs to be ass blistered then his hole worn out with 10 inches but his BF LIL twist would have a hissy fit LOL .

    • Tête Carrée

      He’s gonna spank that monkey.

  • Hermes

    He is incredibly hot and handsome, I admit. I hope that if he ascends into a spiritual bubble it will some sort of Eastern spiritual bubble that might have some validity, or a mainstream Christian or Judaism or Sufi – not some sad fundamentalist form of Christian or Muslim fundamentalism.

  • Hermes

    And yes, I think he’s well endowed, and I would be hard put to say no if he offered me the chance to feel it for him.

    • dannyboi2

      Guys, he has plenty of full frontal nude shots all over the internet. My opinion, he’s a little better than average. He’s all that and a bag of chips, I find him extremely talented and has staying power after all the negative press he’s back on top. He could be the male version of Madonna, he’s 23 and hit after hit always reinventing himself that makes him sexy to me.

  • Ken A.

    The guy in the picture is NOT Justin Bieber.

    • mujerado


    • Mr-DJ

      It’s him. Even all of the tatts are EXACTLY the same.

  • ParisHiltonsBadEye

    Is she starting to transition now?

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