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Justin Bieber Makes World’s Shortest It Gets Better Video Yet

After Justin Bieber was supposedly the target of a “faggot”-laced verbal assault at a Canadian laser tag outing, which for all you know was the Bieber camp’s way of spinning a fight that Justin himself started, word arrived he’d use the incident to publicly take stand against bullying. Which he just did. For twenty seconds.

“There’s nothing cool about being a bully,” he says in a video that appears to have been recorded during his appearance on Ellen earlier this month, where he also discussed bullying (see below video). “If you’re getting bullied, make sure to tell someone, and it gets better. If you’re a bystander, make sure to step in, and help out.”

It’s a pretty hollow message, but this kid is what, 16? I’ll take what I can get. Especially since Justin may very well be the world’s most bullied teen, even from his own Canadians.

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  • Dick

    You may say it sounds hollow but it also sounds like his own words and not a script.

  • Michael

    It’s really not necessary for Bieber to horn in on everything.

  • Tessie Tura

    It’s more than most Republicans have done. Has any ranking Repoublican made a video? No. They want us dead.

  • Kev C

    Ellen and Justin look like a couple of raccoons or similar furry creatures.

  • DR

    That 20 seconds may well be more meaningful than anything done by Obama or Biden. At least this kid isn’t actively fighting against us while making a video written by a speechwriter.

  • McMike

    Can the people at Queerty please stop being such a whiny little bitches? Nothing is every good enough for you guys. Take the stick out of your ass please.

  • Russell

    Actually, this statement was pathetic. He was planning to do this for weeks and this meaningless crap is all he could come up with? His statement would carry a lot of weight with girls in elementary school, middle school, and high school. It really could have made a difference, but this crap won’t.

    Also, in his appearance on Ellen, he made ridiculous statements like “Everybody gets bullied.” This reflects more the view of Focus on the Family than it does reality. Of course, he says nothing about homophobia, nor does he mention the vicious internet hate campaign against him, which is overwhelmingly homophobic.

  • ron

    Good for him. I don`t understand it but hundreds of millions of people idolize him. He is more influential on youth than Obama, Hilary or anyone over 40.

  • ChrisM

    Let’s leave the kid alone. First of all, even if he could make a difference, his publicists would probably never let the boy mention gays. That’s the unfortunate limbo that gay children are in right now. People no longer necessarily think that being gay is a bad thing – but most straights would probably say that homosexuality is an “inappropriate” topic for children (never mind that parents and teachers push heterosexuality on kids from their preschool days). Of course, this attitude is just as harmful to gay kids. I also think it’s one of the reasons the “It Gets Better” series is so great – gay kids can watch them on their own and see a gay person like them telling them they aren’t forgotten.

    And most importantly, the gay-bullying kids that some of you think this kid could reach are exactly the ones who will not listen to him. If Bieber had mentioned homophobia, the bullies would probably just use that to make fun of him more. I think we should be glad that this young man is mature enough to know the bullies are in the wrong, instead of scapegoating gay peers. A lot of the straight kids I know who were called gay as children would give pretty homophobic reactions to it.

  • adam

    Sheesh, he’s a kid, and a singer, as well. It’s amazing that he did anything at all.

  • cls

    Longer wouldn’t necessarily be better. In interviews I’ve seen he can barely string a coherent sentence together, constantly interrupting himself with “you know.” He should sing, sit around and look pretty, but definitely NOT talk. And it’s not an age issue, plenty of kids younger than he are able to sound coherent.

  • Billysees

    He’s the first person in the ‘It Gets Better” series that mentions what to do if your a bystander. That’s an important point. He did a commendable job here.

  • matthew

    KUDOS !!!

  • David

    really? maybe it’ll sound more sincere when he’s in his late 20’s or 30’s. If that inspires someone his age or there bout’s more power to his efforts.

  • neil

    I have read reports that after filming his anti bulling video Thursday in Hollywood, he took his friends to a near-by newly opened chick-fil-a. Patronizing an anti-gay establishment after filming an anti-bullying PSA? Doesn’t he have people that watch him? Selina G. needs to school him on public relations.

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