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Justin Bieber Makes World’s Shortest It Gets Better Video Yet

After Justin Bieber was supposedly the target of a “faggot”-laced verbal assault at a Canadian laser tag outing, which for all you know was the Bieber camp’s way of spinning a fight that Justin himself started, word arrived he’d use the incident to publicly take stand against bullying. Which he just did. For twenty seconds.

“There’s nothing cool about being a bully,” he says in a video that appears to have been recorded during his appearance on Ellen earlier this month, where he also discussed bullying (see below video). “If you’re getting bullied, make sure to tell someone, and it gets better. If you’re a bystander, make sure to step in, and help out.”

It’s a pretty hollow message, but this kid is what, 16? I’ll take what I can get. Especially since Justin may very well be the world’s most bullied teen, even from his own Canadians.