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Justin Bieber Proves His Bulge Is Real And John Travolta Has A New Gym Buddy


Justin Bieber really, really wants you to know that those Calvin Klein photos weren’t photoshopped, you guys, so he posted this pic to Instagram. Fine, JB, now take this guy on his sex offer and all is forgiven.

Benedict Cumberbatch was nominated as best actor for his remarkable portrayal of late gay hero Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, but our favorite moment from the Oscar nominations being announced this morning was definitely when Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs accidentally said “Dick Poop,” instead of Mr. Turner‘s cinematographer Dick Pope. Hooray for live TV!

If it’s not already on your radar, mark your calendar for the film adaptation of the cult musical The Last Five Years. The intimate deconstruction of a love affair and marriage stars Into the WoodsAnna Kendrick and Smash‘s Jeremy Jordan and will be in theaters and avail on VOD February 13.


Look out Las Vegas, Mariah Carey is coming for you. The entertainer is taking her girls to Sin City for a residency at Caesar’s Palace beginning May 6.


Did you hear the one about John Travolta pumping iron? Nope, that’s not the name of the other guy in this photo. The 60-year-old entertainer, who is 1000 percent hetero, went to the gym at 3 a.m. and made a new friend. But, ahem, probably not in the way you’re thinking.


Travolta’s Hairspray costar Queen Latifah will portray bisexual blues legend Bessie Smith in a biopic helmed by out director Dee Rees (Pariah) that HBO will premiere sometime this spring.

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  • ingyaom

    Travolta without his hairpiece? That’s new, isn’t it?

  • NoCagada

    @ingyaom: Yeah…maybe he traded in the rug for hard wood.

  • NoCagada

    I fail to see what the pic of Bieber is supposed to prove.

  • Xzamilio

    I’m sorry… but after I read about the context of that Travolta photo on Reddit, it was hilarious. That poor straight dude either didn’t know he was being cruised, or was just trying to get a pic and get the hell outta there before he was dragged into a sauna. What celebrity goes up to a guy at 3 in the morning to introduce himself and then proceed to as if he’s married and has kids? Planet Fitness at 3am and NO ONE around… man, please!!!

    Side not: he looks much better without the denial rug on his head.

  • Xzamilio


    Side note

  • Xzamilio

    Good lord… “proceed to ASK if he’s married and has kids”?

    Want to clean my typos up, Queerty? Thanks so much :)

  • jwtraveler

    Bieber’s not bad from the neck down.

  • Korianto

    The Bieber has a bulge?

    Oh that little thing? It looks like he’s hiding his stash under that towel. ????

    Just proves his CK photos are in fact, photo shopped.

  • darian

    Why the fick are we still talking about Justin Bieber is it a slow gay news day.

  • Low Country Boy

    The Biebs needs to just go away. He is an undereducated little tw@t and wannabe rapper. He can surround himself with all of the rappers and thugs he wants to, but it still does not erase the fact that he is a middle class white boy from one of the whitest countries on the face of the planet.

  • lykeitiz

    Until Travolta corners Biebs @ 3am, there is no story with either one.

  • Stache99

    So that explains the weird ass hair do’s travolta was sporting.

  • tdh1980

    Queen Latifah as Bessie Smith? I’m here for that.

  • tham

    Bieber’s Chest is WAAAAY less puffed up in this pic than the CK ad. His body is more like the “unphotoshop” pic.

    Yeah, this Pic Almost convince me the Ad photo was for sure, photoshopped. He’s 5’7 with tiny features, of course he has only a 5 in dick.

  • drivendervish

    Nice try Justin! but that don’t prove anything! If u want us to believe that you have anything more than a big clit, your going to have to show us what’s underneath the towel.

  • dhmonarch89

    Dear Justin, ALL advertising photos are doctored/shopped!

  • ethan_hines

    Do you see a VPL? Cuz I surely don’t

  • lencho

    @Korianto: it’s a pair of spare sox…knee sox

  • lencho

    @Korianto: and he’s very short calfed…or is it calved?

  • 1EqualityUSA

    The Bessie Smith bio is a great idea and a fantastic choice to play her. I don’t have cable and I rarely watch T.V., but this one is intriguing. I hope they do a good job with this project. It’s a ton of responsibility to represent another’s life on screen.

    I’m grateful Bieber is not from the United States, we have enough problems with our own. Go to school, Justin, and help put others through school too. It will give you hooks upon which to hang things…preferably not that rasty towel.

    Ms. Carey, Your breasts are too large for that dress. All it says when you wear dresses such as the one above is that you have large breasts, too large for your fabric to support. Thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation, now, go on and find the support you need. Win some, lose udders.

    Regarding John Revolta, NoCagada said, “Yeah…maybe he traded in the rug for hard wood.” Clever. Stache, the term, “sporting” is fun too. (Sporting wood)… if your two sentences were combined…at 3:00 in the morning… in a gym… in L.A..

  • Nickpr

    @NoCagada: I agree … it just reinforces the un photo shopped pic . Who cares anyway and who thinks 99 % of celebrity photos are not photo shopped.

  • bcbear4u

    Finally…singers who actually open their mouths and SING…Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick…what an amazing pair. I got chills and it’s only the trailer…

  • Bob LaBlah

    Justin, go back to your pot and leave well enough alone. Since you have no intentions of doing porn you are only going to piss people off by “waving” what ain’t there in people’s faces.

    Ok, so you ain’t a Johnny Rapid sized white teen. But hey, you got millions to fall back on, don’t you? Do they?


    @Bob LaBlah:

    Sorry to break the “big” news to ya guys, but the Beibs is most likely the owner of a larger than average sized tool. From lots of “hands (and mouth) on research” I have noticed that guys with his height and body type are usually very well endowed. Guess the good Lord made up for their lack of height by adding size to where it really matters…………

    And you just know that any day now a porn tape by Justin showing the actual large sized goods is going to be “hacked” and released from one of his devices…….

  • ocdj63

    hahaha Pathetic

  • manonyme

    Well, I’m most intrigued by the fact that “Vinnie Barbarino” (Travolta), the guy with private jets, pilot’s license and ample estate would find himself at a public gym like Planet Fitness…At 3am,no less. If he had no home gym, one would think that a Hollywood “A”-lister would at least frequent some chic, private and exclusive gym. He was clearly on the prowl for a “spotter” with whom he could have a good workout…

  • ParisHiltonsBadEye

    Biebs still looks like a lesbian on steroids.

  • Gregg

    All the pic of that Canadian asshat “proves” is that his whites are dingy!

  • Maude

    Would any of us kick Bieb out of bed?
    as for travolta, I’d kick,punch, shove, and push him out of bed even if I was hornier than a hoot owl.

  • Lance Mullholland

    @darian: Go Darian! The Biebs has gone from wholesome to wannabe tramp as it is…

  • Doughosier

    Justin Bieber is beautiful.

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