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  • Kamikapse

    Once again Queerty continues to be oh so witty by carelessly throwing around the f-word… hee hee.

  • OhYeah

    what is the context of this story? I don’t get it.

  • Jaroslaw

    I saw him on Saturday Night Live this week, I think it was a re-run. Wow, he is cute but I was say one of the luckiest guys in show biz. His talent is nothing more than ordinary and EVERYTHING he sang was strongly blended with back up.

    But I guess the teen girls are crazy about him and showbiz is about popularity and $$$$ so all is well.

    I too want to know the context of the story.

  • hunter

    he has an interview before that interview of “not knowing what german is” where he is counting 1 – 10 in german, for someone who is being proclaimed as not knowing what german is he seems to know more than most people.

  • bieber fan site

    Actually Justin Bieber went to Germany twice before the “what is german” interview.

    Justin Bieber is not dumb, he is smart kid.

  • Alexander A.

    It looks like that lesbian is having a great time!


    Until he gets some muscles….I’ll say sit down Kid!

  • Random Rashes

    Didn’t she used to be on the L-Word? Did Shane paint her hair blonde? Does the carpet match? What is going on with this baby dyke? Clueless minds need to know!


    @Jaroslaw: JBeeb is by far the by far the luckiest fetus in the world…..He tossed a few videos of himself singing on YouTube, got lotso views, got the attention of Justin Timberlake and Usher who got into a bidding war, despite as you correctly point having an above average voice, nothing “super” about it. He is also kinda funny in interviews. On the View Barbara asked him about his “ideal woman”, he replied “you,Barbara”……………..

    I am all for him because he knocked the Jonas Brothers off the tween idol pedastal. Everytime I hear those little right wing monkeys pontificate about their purity rings, I want to puke. While rumors abound about Nick fcuking everything that moves and Joe being a big ‘Mo……….

  • Justin Bieber

    Faggot or not, he will pull more girls than any dude on this site

  • Republican

    Appropriate “payback” for Bieber’s German comment would be to photoshop a dunce cap on his head. Using a horrible, homophobic slur to poke fun at him is not at all justified.

  • WTF?

    @Justin Bieber: What? That makes little to no sense. Which is probably why your dumb ass comment has been hidden: stupid people should be quiet.

  • Jaroslaw

    Plays Well – Thanks for your interesting information. I’m thinking there is more to the story than just putting up a few You tube videos. Or maybe he was just lucky. One thought that comes to mind almost immediately – I work in a very large office building with a large lobby. 20 elevators! There are tons of men way more good looking that JB that I see every day.

    Althought I don’t share your “logic” about the Jonas Brothers, it is easy to understand why you feel that way (JB knocking them off the pedestal – the purity rings are another issue I don’t want to get into!).

    As for the rumors, they are probably true – it is perfectly within the realm of very likely that one brother is a ‘Mo and another a slut. There was some research at a major university that said the more boys a woman has, the more “antibodies” her body makes against boys, making it more likely with each succeeding boy that the youngest will be Gay.

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