Justin Bieber shows off his happy trail…er…new tattoos

Ink: it’s not just something for squids to squirt when they’re startled.

Ink is everywhere these days, from Wallgreens receipts to Motel 6 bibles to your fingers after you read the Sunday Times. But nowhere is the substance more prevalent than the torso of Justin Bieber.

The 24-year-old performer has been slowly covering all his prime real estate with tattoos for years, and nobody is happier with the progress than he is.

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In an Instagram post showing off all his hard work, he wrote this bit of poetry:

If tattooed [sic] didn’t hurt everyone would have them. Well maybe not very one [sic]!!Over a hundred hours of hart [sic] work on my body and I wouldn’t take back a single one.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ART AND IVE MAde my body a canvas and it’s SO MUCH FUN

Deep stuff.

What will art historians say about this in 50 years?