Justin Timberlake’s A Monster!

Oh Justin Timberlake, you’re such a tease. First, you invite the press to preview your new fashion collection, and then you refuse to talk to them, just posing for pictures like some sort of queen? Shame on you! And we’re not the only ones upset about the pop-star’s tricky ways. Star Magazine’s Jessica Schimmel’s down right heart broken:

It was ridiculous. The guy invites us here to give him free publicity for his clothing line and then he can’t be bothered to talk to anyone, so cocky! And by the way, what does Trace Ayala have to be so cheeky about. Even he thinks he’s too good to talk to us?

Poor girl. She acts like she works for the fucking Times or something.

Although, it must be pretty shitty when even JT’s C-List sidekick won’t give you a sound bite. Our hearts go out to you, Ms. Schimmel. Give us a call – we’ll bake cookies, watch Beaches, and have a good cry…