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Justin Trudeau Sent A Sweet Message To A Man Who Received A Homophobic Valentine At Work

TRUDEAU ED BOARD VISIT JUNE 25 - Liberal leader Justin Trudeau visited the Toronto Star to speak with the editorial board, June 25, 2015. Bernard Weil/Toronto Star

The internet’s newest man-crush is sure to win few more gay hearts today with news that he reached out to a man who received some homophobic bullying at work.

Degas Sikorski worked at a Party City in Canada to put himself through college when he received an anonymous “valentine” that read: “Faggot. You are not getting shifts for a reason.” Yikes. His mother posted the photo on Facebook, and it then went viral and caught the eye of out gay politician Randy Boissonnault.


Boissonnault presented Sikorski with a new Valentine’s Day card with words of support from various politicians, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who wrote: “Dear Degas, know that your friends outnumber the haters by the millions and I’m one of those friends.”

Cute and supportive, right?

Sikorski was overwhelmed with the support. He told CBC News:

 “It was hard not to cry at the moment when I saw that somebody who I see as above me and almost godly in my eyes, as you’re taught in high school, is giving me a personal message. It just took all the words out of my mouth. I knew equality and LGBTQ issues were a thing for Justin Trudeau, I just didn’t think that an issue that I experienced myself would be so close to home for him.”

Trudeau’s support was right on time for Sikorski, and it’s certainly red meat for the Obama/Trudeau ‘shippers. And we know you’re out there.