K-Fed Can’t Get A Break

Speaking of things that aren’t really news…

We hate taking pleasure in other people’s personal failings (okay, that’s a lie, but whatever…), but we can help but laugh at news that ticket sales for Kevin Federline‘s tour have been so dismal that two shows have already been cancelled.

That bellwhether of journalistic integrity, Star Magazine, reports:

With the release date of Kevin Federline’s debut CD “Playing With Fire” just a day away – on-sale date is Oct. 31 – comes word that TWO of his tour dates have been cancelled, and another date is reportedly in jeopardy of being cancelled.

Kevin’s Nov. 9 gig at House of Blues in Cleveland has been cancelled…Plus, Kevin’s Nov. 10 gig at the House of Blues in Atlantic City has been cancelled…

[Further] The New York Post reports that Kevin’s Nov. 4 gig at NYC’s Webster Hall is in jeopardy of being yanked. The Post reports, “Our spies at Webster Hall say that so few $20 tickets have been sold…that ‘we may just cancel it.’”

Notice they’ve mistaken Cleveland for Cincinnati? At least they’re in the same state…

Poor K-Fed, does this mean he’ll have to go back to being a celebrity sponge?

(As a side-note: Wesbter Hall was once the venue of choice for HX Media’s Gay Erotic Expo. You know, the expo at which Owen Hawk and his crew won’t be apppearing…)