Kalamazoo Smashburger Owner Bashes Marriage Equality, Defends Boy Scout Ban


Terry Henderson, owner of a Smashburger restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan, isn’t a fan of the growing support from corporations for marriage equality, so he took to Facebook.

Next to an invitation to try out the restaurant’s spicy baja burger, the longtime restauranteur posted an attack on Starbuck’s support for same-sex marriage.

Hey Starbucks, want to celebrate traditional marriage with us? I didn’t think so?

“Celebrate marriage with us. We are honoring God’s design for marriage and celebrating all who have joined together as man and wife. Click LIKE if you’ve been married 10 YEARS!”

Understandably, that bit of bigotry gave the staff and volunteers at the Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Resource Center an upset stomach—especially considering how hard they’ve been working to pass human-rights ordinances throughout the county.

Smashburger co-owners Terry and Jean Henderson
Smashburger co-owners Terry and Jean Henderson

That wasn’t the only anti-gay recipe Henderson shared with his Facebook followers: In another post, he bashed efforts to end the Boy Scouts ban on openly gay members.

As an Eagle Scout, I personally know of an incident involving a sexual assault on a younger boy committed by an older homosexual boy (note, I did not use the politically correct term “gay”—let the hate mail begin). The Boy Scouts as well as many other youth organizations have had their reputations smeared in the past because they unintentionally and unknowingly allowed homosexual pedophiles into their ranks.

Incredibly, today, as the BSA attempts to do all it can to prevent any assaults in the future… the politically correct politicians and media (the ones responsible for smearing the scouts in the past) are doing all they can to force the organization to allow homosexuals pedophiles back in!

I ask, do you want your boy scout (or any parent’s scout) sharing a tent with an avowed homosexual? Are you content with the idea of your scout being led on overnight camping trips by openly homosexual males?

If not, please vote to help the Boy Scouts of America maintain its 100 year tradition of doing its best to do its duty to God and country. Don’t worry your vote is secret, unlike mine.

Assuming Henderson is right, and gays have been secretly molesting Boy Scouts for years, isn’t the ban pretty much ineffective anyway? Kind of makes you wonder how someone with such a fragile grasp of logic become a successful business owner?

Or how someone so insensitive could have his own marketing company.

To help off-set Henderson, the Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Resource Center is asking for a donation of $6.99 to buy lunch for one of their volunteerspresumably somewhere that doesn’t turn their stomachs.