Kale Comes Out As Gay In Hard-Hitting BuzzFeed Interview

enhanced-19029-1398365644-21In a shocking and frank interview with BuzzFeed’s Matt Stopera this week, the light and leafy vegetable known as Kale has come out as gay. The interview also alludes to a possible relationship Kale may be having with Cucumber.

The revelation comes two days after controversy was stirred following a BuzzFeed interview with Madonna, during which the Queen of Pop referred to Kale as “gay” in a game of word association. (“After writing down ‘gay’ for Vladimir Putin, Madonna proceeded to write down ‘gay’ for the leafy green vegetable,” says BuzzFeed).

Madonna was accused of being homophobic for using the term “gay” as a “negative slur.”

“Yep, I’m gay,” Kale tells Stopera, confirming that Madonna is actually not homophobic. Like always, Madonna was just ahead of the curve. She already knew that Kale was gay.

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