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Kamala Harris Won’t Further Bankrupt California By Defending Prop 8

Kamala Harris, the newly clinched California attorney general who (at last officially beat) Steve Cooley, says the state will “not defend Proposition 8 because it is simply unconstitutional,” mimicking sitting AG and current governor-elect Jerry Brown’s stance. [SFist]

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  • Ray

    I’m so glad she was re-elected. It’s good to see someone standing up for what’s right.

  • B

    No. 1: “I’m so glad she was re-elected. It’s good to see someone standing up for what’s right.”

    She wasn’t re-elected. This is her first term as Attorney General. Previously she was (and maybe still is – it depends on when she resigns) San Francisco’s District Attorney.

  • tjr101

    We need to elect more Democrats like this!

  • Ray

    You’re right B. I got mixed up about her SF DA position.

  • Horatio Jones

    You go girl! So happy I voted for you.

  • opaaga

    I love Kamala. In 1997, I visited the Castro in SF for the first time and Kamala was out campaigning for elected office. When she saw me, she focused right in on me and wanted to make sure I was going to vote. I was just visiting and couldn’t. But, I loved her approach and warmth. She wasn’t fake. I love that she was active in the gay community.

  • jennifer

    warm approach? apparently you’ve never seen her at a press event where she tries to jockey for the prime position and doesn’t give two shits about who you are what good you have done in the world. the only thing that matters then is that she is in the photo and that she is the focal point.

  • JasonYeb

    She’s amazing and is on our side and understand and empathizes with our plight and has always been a supporter and I sincerely hope now that she has a greater platform to influence and impact that she takes a stronger stance for equality and fighting against injustices towards gays and lesbians. We’re discriminated, taunted, beat, brutalized, and it is perfectly gone overlooked in societal matters yet with influential strong voices like hers…I hope the injustices of the past toward LGBT stay there and we as a society move forward to a more compassionate and EQUAL world to live in. Keep fighting the good fight Kamala for us ALL!

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