Kanye Bites Back At Gay Rumors

Unlike some of his hip-hop peers, Kanye West prefers to stay out of juvenile squabbles. Unfortunately, fellow Roc-A-Fella rapper Beanie Siegal dragged him into one when he suggested West prefers men and should “come out of the closet”.

The gossip girls elaborate:

During a recent U.S radio interview, rap star Beanie Siegel attacked fellow artist Kanye West on how he presents himself, specifically focusing in on how Kanye dresses. Siegel then went on to make the declaration that he thinks that West is a homosexual and that he should “come out of the closet”.

West responded to the attacks by Siegel on a separate radio interview by first making clear his disgust at the “disrespectful” statements. Kanye then went on to ask Beanie, “Why wouldn’t you come to me and talk to me about it?”

Siegel obviously doesn’t remember West’s trepidation over gay bars.