Kanye West Sent Penis Pics To … Women?


If rumors turn out to be true that Kanye West sent around photos of his manhood to a handful of women, does that mean we can lay off the gay rumors?

Generally speaking, even celebrities with the gall to email and text naked pictures of themselves don’t want those photos to be made public. (I’m looking at you, Brett Favre.) So reports that Kanye’s X-rated snapshots (“which leave little to the imagination”) are being shopped around, and that they were captured by the inboxes of ladies, lends some integrity to the “Kanye is totally into chicks” storyline.

Or, there’s also this (and my own) running theory: He’s just an attention whore who loves people talking and thinking about him.


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  • robert in nyc

    Now if a gay celebrity did that, the media would be calling him a pervert and paint all of us with the same brush. Fodder for the right wing religious wackos. Its interesting that they remain silent when it involves a straight.

  • Mark

    Love the pic above of Kanye with Gwen Stefani. Gwen Stefani only hangs out with FIERCELY heterosexual men … like Gavin Rossdale :D

  • acem

    @Mark: LOL! And we all know that Gavin is razor straight.

  • Cassandra

    However, all of the women were employees at an aquarium, they were supposed to show the photo’s to the fish.

  • ewe

    Is his face included cause any thick schlong by itself does not prove it belongs to Kanye Twist.

  • peteNsfo

    I heard it’s a shot of him w/ boxers & little Kanye pokin’ out the front… but where are the pics, boys?

  • L.

    Why would any gay want that man to be gay, is beyond me.

  • Derek Washington

    Speaking of Boys With Iphones, WTF was Brett Favre thinking sending out pics of THAT? Nothing to be proud of Brett.

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