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  • jason

    I think Kanye was hilarious. He’s making fun of the utterly boring Taylor Swift and the insufferable Beyonce Knowles.

  • ggreen

    This thing was staged like the Bruno/Feminem mash up. People are so stoopid they think its real and create a viral buzz about a totally lame Awards show that looks like a teen hooker pageant. Wake up, smell the coffee and turn off the fucking TV girls its all 100% fake.

  • Jeffrey

    Kanye is a complete douche bag with absolutely no class whatsoever. It just goes to show you that all the money in the world cannot buy class. He’s just a piece of trash, always has been and always will be. Someone should just shoot him already.

  • I pliss

    @ggreen: Silly wabbit it was not stage! I was there I was backstage and Taylor cried so hard that they had to tell her pull it together so she could perform and re-due her makeup! Kanye is just an ass! I hope his record sales drop!

  • roger

    he will continue this awful behavior until his fans and industry executives force him to stop. he is hateful. in fact, if this wasn’t all about bringing attention to himself, i could only suspect that kanye hates white teenage girls. (to paraphrase him.)

    and i’ve never been a huge fan of either taylor or beyonce. but you can bet i am now. they both handled this unbelievably well.

  • Dave

    @roger: I agree…I have never cared for Beyonce and don’t even know a Taylor song, but they both handled it well.

    Beyonce to me does the same thing everytime and well…Taylor looked like she was a fun performer running from the subway to the streets and still keeping it together. The day Beyonce stops over singing everything and wearing leotards, is the day I’ll listen to her…but kudos on her moment to Taylor.

  • Kid A

    How could he be so heartless?

  • ousslander

    delusional and drunk douchenozzle. Mooma Swift should have run on stage, grabbed the mic and shoved of the stage. hopefully cracking his skull, only slighty.

    Keeping int all in the closest must be taking it’s toll on her

  • epluribusunumjk

    Kanye West is just an idiot who hates gays and thinks too highly of himself.

    I don’t know where he got off thinking that saying something like this would win him any fans. He’s a douchebag; plain and simple.

  • Jason

    Asshole…never liked him so me not buying his cds won’t matter but I hope some people stop just to show him we think he’s an ass

  • scott ny'er

    @epluribusunumjk: I thought he stood up for gays? I’m confused.

    Yes, douche bag all the way. But if he stands up for gays, then it’s too bad. So few rap stars do.

  • UWSguy

    If the Academy were smart, they’d make sure Kayne shows up to next year’s Oscars. One of his outburst would make that snoozefest at least bearable.

  • So Yo

    I know people all over the interwebs have been saying it, but I would have LOVED to see him try that stunt with Pink. She would have smacked him down. Coward picked a target he knew wouldn’t fight back.

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