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Kara DioGuardi Has a Better Grasp on Adam Lambert/ABC Than GLAAD


American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi is saying what ABC won’t, and what GLAAD refuses to acknowledge: The decision to yank Adam Lambert off the network entirely is all about caving to advertiser pressure.

ABC might still think it’s the gay-friendliest network out there, but this is all about money, not warm fuzzies. While ABC often champions fictional LGBT characters (see: Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, the late Dirty Sexy Money), it’s refusing to have anything more to do with Adam Lambert’s career. And while GLAAD has all but given the network a pass on its discriminatory censorship, it’s DioGuardi — who arguably had a role in Lambert’s success — who’s pointing out, taking snapshots of, and asking others to gather round the elephant in the room: advertiser pressure.

“We’re living in a pretty bad economic time, so they have to do what they have to do to keep their advertisers,” DioGuardi tells Marc Malkin. “Networks are doing what they think their viewers want and don’t want, so it’s just budgetary.” (DioGuardi adds that she didn’t find anything wrong with Lambert’s performance: “We always know he’s going to shock us, right?”)

So how come ABC won’t come out and just say “our advertisers threatened to bail”? Or at least, “We don’t want to give our advertisers reason to bail”? Because that, friends, would make for bad publicity. Simply shunning the most famous gay singer in all the world, however, is something they feel comfortable getting away with.

And GLAAD is letting them.

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  • Alicia

    While I agree w/ DioGuardi and most of this article, I think Elton John might have a little something to say about that last sentence. The hyperbole is completely unnecessary and detracts from the valid issues in the rest of the article.

  • Kris

    Thank-you, Kara. Someone has to have to b#lls to speak the truth. Leave it to one brave woman. YOur stock definately went sky high for me. Shame on ABC. I just would like to know what sponser(s), so I could boycott their products.

  • irisita69

    This is terrible! GLAAD failed fulfiling its role here!
    Another institution driven by money and politics!
    Donators should stop sponsoring you…waste of good money!
    Shame on you!!!


  • Cam

    I might be starting to like Kara.

  • Marilyn

    Way to go, Kara. Nothing like honesty. ABC are gutless and the advertizers are homophobic. And I have a few choice words for GLAAD too, believe me. This situation has been completely blown out of proportion, ABC get over it already. I will not watch ABC or buy anything from their sponsors until Adam is allowed back on the station, with an exception for Barbara Walters’ show. It is a real sad and unbelievable time in this country.

  • Christa

    so glad to see someone in the biz FINALLY sticking up for Adam!! Way to go Kara…and its so true! But maybe when enough of Adam’s fans start to boycot ABC and their sponsors they will realize they caved to the wrong group of complainers!!

  • FakeName

    Adam Lambert is the most famous gay singer in the world? Hardly.

  • buffy522

    I don’t know if Kara is even right about sponsors since ABC has issued nothing. GLAAD is pathetic. Their attitude is “as long as it’s not about US, then throw him under the bus”. Sounds like Natzi Germany!

  • Chuck

    Then how do you explain his inclusion in Barbra Wawa’s top ten that is being advertised with Adam’s photo?

  • Ross

    Lambert isn’t the most famous gay singer in the world – paging Elton John, Michael Stipe, George Michael – but right now he’s the HOTTEST, so maybe that’s what you should have said.

  • justjude

    I believe the FCC did receive a complaint for obscenity but I don’t think it fell into their parameters as a valid complaint.
    I understand ABC did get a complaint from a unidentified sponser
    (to the public), that did indicate that they would lose business
    unless They took, what would be, appropriate measures.
    $$$$$$$$$, talks for sure!!!!
    If Adam was being intentionally sensational, he succeeded.
    If Adam just got caught up in the adrenalin rush and went farther than what was rehearsed….Well then he was right to say sorry for not working that out with TPTB on ABC.
    Still it, just all, seems a little contrived, especially, as they had promos for the 2 previous weeks talking about how shocking Adam Lamberts Debut would be, and that everyone would be talking the next day!!!!

  • Kathleen

    WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? There was no naked flesh/private parts that
    I saw!!! Ridiculous!!! But a little while after the performance;
    I happened to glance at my laptop (I had Adam’s website on) & the
    comments that were displayed on the screen were absolutely scary! People sounded as though they wanted to harm ADAM! It was
    awful! When I went out to do my shopping & did pick up a copy of
    Adam’s new CD, I hoped that no one would SPIT ON ME! And I was just sort of numb after the show because I didn’t hear Adam’s
    wonderful vocals. And while there were good elements to the performance; Adam suddenly wasn’t looking like his normal, adorable, attractive self. He did look rather sinister & like an
    unsavory character that he was portraying for this performance.
    So what I felt after Adam’s performance & seeing those negative
    I felt like “Oh, Why did Adam NOT LISTEN TO HIS MOM or get advice
    from her.” This would have never happened. I am a fan & I hope
    that Adam has a successful & wonderful career in the music &
    entertainment industry! I really hope that his success is not
    just short term. He is so talented & a GOOD person & he’s young
    & is entitled to make a mistake; as we all are! Even if he never
    does apologize; or if it’s a little or a lot too late. I HOPE
    THAT PEOPLE FORGIVE HIM and not everyone will. He admitted that
    he didn’t use his best judgement in that performance & I guess
    the viewers didn’t use their best judgement letting the kids stay
    up to see Adam Lambert ( if they had researched Adam Lambert)
    THEY WOULD HAVE REALIZED WHAT ADAM LAMBERT IS ALL ABOUT!)So,really the viewers & Adam could share the BLAME! So what I really think is that people should forgive Adam for being himself
    A PERFORMER and that Adam should WANT to do ssomething for children since so many of his fans are/were children & very young
    people. And it’s just my humble opinion! And I know all about what he has been doing with Donorschoose.org so I just meant that
    if he wanted to /Adam could do something where some proceeds would go to some type of a charity for children! Just an idea!
    By the way…..
    Adam’s abum is great.I love it & I’m looking forward to the next
    one. (I’m A Mom..Can ya’ tell?).

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