Public Enemies

Karen England Is Scared of a Little Frank Talk About Anti-Gay Harrassment


Capitol Resource Institute is the insanely homophobic group that appears to taunt gays just ’cause they can issue press releases. But executive director Karen England (a wannabe Maggie Gallagher if we’ve ever come across one) has already made clear her position on gays in the military. So what did you expect from her when Friday’s GLSEN-organized Day of Silence came rolling into school districts? She’s recommending parents keep their children home on Friday, when teachers will actually engage students on the tres risque topic of sexuality and the bullying GLBT students endure — unless the fine folks who hate gay people get a chance to have their voices heard, too.

Cheerily labeling Day of Silence as “Pro-Homosexuality Day,” England and her ilk charge the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network with forming a total of 16 days (which includes No Name-Calling Week and TransAction!) they expect taxpayer-paid teachers to stop instruction on academics and open the classroom up to — SCARY! — social issues that might, ya know, help one or two kids questioning their sexuality. But enough about the children being our future, and let’s return to repressive education. BECAUSE THAT WORKS SO WELL.