karen strikes again

Karen told to go home and wash dye out of hair herself after having racist hissy fit inside salon

Video of a California woman having a racist hissy fit inside a hair salon has gone viral on social media.

Sharon Spellman is a Los Angeles-based salon owner who recently uploaded security footage of one of her clients making vile remarks about her assistant before throwing a violent temper tantrum in her chair.

Video shows the client, a middle-aged white woman by the name of Robin, refusing to have her roots colored by Spellman’s assistant, Alex, because Alex is Hispanic.

“She’s going to do it exactly how I do it,” Spellman says, encouraging Robin to be “more trusting” of others.

But Robin isn’t having any of it.

“I’m not paying her,” she replies. “I’m paying you.”

When Spellman patiently explains that Alex, who is sitting just a few feet away and can hear everything that is being said, is a paid employee of the salon, Robin threatens to leave if she even lays a finger on her hair.

“I’m not gonna tell you again!” she warns.

Things take a turn for the worst when Spellman tells Robin she’s being disrespectful.

“I came to get my hair done!” Robin quips. To which Spellman responds, “Honestly, Robin, if you don’t want to hear me out and get to the resolution of this you can leave.”

That’s when Robin absolutely loses it. After trying to jab Spellman with her elbow, Spellman tells her to “get the f*ck out.” Then she informs her she’s being recorded.

Realizing her disgusting behavior has been caught on camera, Robin breaks down sobbing, saying she has “a lot of stress in my life,” which apparently caused her to act racist and violent. Then she begs Spellman to please, please, please finish coloring her hair, which still has product in it.

But Spellman refuses.

“I really took care of you when no one in the other salons wanted to do your hair,” she says. “I wanted to do your hair and we created a bond.” Then she tells Robin to go home and wash out the product from her hair herself.


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