Karen Walker Talker

Megan Mullally

If you’re like us, you watch Will & Grace for one reason and one reason only: rich-bitch Karen Walker. Well, as we’ve already told you, Megan Mullally has ditched the accent, Rosario (we’re sad about that, too), and the martinis and signed on to host a brand new daytime talk show.

“The Megan Mullally Show” will include comedic and musical elements, skits, field segments and a band, Mullally said. But one thing it won’t have in common with many talk shows of its ilk is that she won’t be seated behind a desk. Although the actual set is still being worked out, Mullally said she’s aiming for something that’s “fresh and different.”

Sure, the first times we hear her without her high-pitched “Karen” voice are gonna’ freak us out, but we’ll get over it. Word is the show won’t be as static as most talk shows either (desk-free!) and will feature celebrity guests and good old-fashioned musical stylings. Oh, and we once say Megan and her band, The Supreme Music Program play at The Virgin Mega Store and let’s just say the girl can sing.

Now herrrrrre’s ‘Megan Mullally’
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