Karen Will Yak On With Grace

Perhaps no Will & Grace character is as beloved as the nasty, backstabbing, arrogant Karen Walker. We do well to recall what actress Megan Mullally said: “Karen is like RuPaul–she’s a character. It never occurred to me until now, but she is!”


Megan has something of a love/sweat relationship with fame. “I can remember before Will & Grace, I would go to the grocery store when I was all sweaty and gross after step classes, and didn’t care at all. Now that would be tabloid fodder or something.”

You can visit Megan Mullally fan listings titled The Divine Ms. M and fan sites referring to her as Sexy and Sassy. You can do a little light elegant research and learn that when Megan was a teen, she was a star ballerina with the Ballet Oklahoma, and spent summers at the George Ballanchine School of American Ballet. She first enrolled at Northwestern University as a drama student, switched to English and promptly had such success appearing in musicals that casting directors told her remaining in a university would be a perfect waste of her mind.

She played a call girl in Risky Business, appeared in Speaking of Sex as well as in Monkeybone and then she charmed her way into our hearts by being a rotten bitch on wheels to Grace, Will, Jack and Rosario. So how will we get our Megan fix when the series ends? Good news. Megan has just been picked up in four top markets for a talk show to debut in the fall of 2006. Maybe her old friend Tom Cruise will stop by to admit something he’s never admitted before, or alternately, leap on the couch like a freakin’ retard.

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