Karger Rolls Out New TV Spot, Whines That Perry Shouldn’t Be At Debates

Gay GOP Presidential hopeful Fred Karger is debuting his new ad, “Let Fred In,”  at the Grafton County Republican Committee Columbus Day Dinner tonight in Plymouth, NH.  Karger is speaking at the dinner along with Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, and fellow longshot hopefuls  Jon Huntsman and Buddy Roemer.

With special effects and vintage footage of Karger’s old boss, Ronald Reagan, the 90-second spot reiterates Karger’s demand that he should be allowed to participate in the Republican primary debates and chides his opponents for booing a gay servicemember.

“I was watching the last debate in Washington  and when they booed Stephen Hill I was so angry that I was not there to speak out against such un-American behavior,” said Karger.  “I hope that this commercial will send a clear message to future debate organizers that they should ‘Let Fred In’ so that I can address these social issues and talk about how I will turn this country around like Ronald Reagan did 30 years ago.”

In other news, Karger is also claiming that if he’s kept out of the upcoming debate tomorrow night at Dartmouth College, Rick Perry should be as well. According to the listed debate requirements, a candidate must report at least $500,000 raised in its FEC filing through the second quarter of 2011. “Ricky Perry was not a candidate by the end of the second quarter and has not filed any FEC fundraising reports,” reads a release from Karger’s camp that was sent to the Washington Post and Bloomberg TV. “Perry did not join the race until August 12, 2011, 43 days after the end of the second reporting period. [He] has yet to file ANY FEC fundraising reports for any quarter.”

We feel like our mom when she’d make us play with that weird kid down the street nobody liked. Let Fred join in your little game, guys—he’s got enough problems already.