Karim Rashid Loves Himself

Karim Rashid pink

Canadian designer Karim Rashid has opinions about as loud as his interiors, so love him or hate him, we respect him for his ability to give a juicy interview. In the most recent issue of fab Magazine, he goes to great lengths to talk about how he “designs” rather “styles”, how he is “not arrogant”, and how his low, 60s-like couches are not copying the 60s.

His thoughts on the color pink are particularly telling:

I use pink a lot. I’ve been using pink since I was a teenager. I went to my high school graduation in a pink satin suit with pink hair and pink nails in 1976. It’s not like I’ve changed a lot. It’s always been a part of me. Pink is strong.

But we definitely disagree with him on his point that “The formal shoe of today is the running shoe.” We personally think running shoes are so hideous that we don’t even wear them to the gym, sore feet be damned.

Karim Rashid on colours, high heels and orgies of conversation [fab]