Guest Editing Gig Should Spark Self-Criticism

Karl Lagerfeld A Kettle, Black

Fashion forward German Karl Lagerfeld lent his skills to the most recent issue of Connaissance des Arts, which he guest edited. And, from what we hear, he took the opportunity to destroy irony as we know it:

According to WWD, Lagerfeld lovingly photographed his cover subject (i.e. himself) for the December issue, and made sure to inject his own “pithy quotes and barbs” after nearly every article. Not yet finished educating the plebeian masses, the Hamburg born designer also made sure to voice “strong opinions” on Surrealist and contemporary art, blasting the latter for–as he puts it–its “pretension.”

Of his Surrealist opinions, WWD informs us that Lagerfeld’s “allergic” to Dali and his aesthetic peers. We wonder what happens if he looks in the mirror.