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Karl Lagerfeld’s Boy Toy Muse Baptiste Giabiconi Made A Music Video

Baptiste Giabiconi, the French model who posed in heels as the muse of Karl Lagerfeld, is going to be a pop star!

It’s unclear whether Lagerfeld, who was behind the camera for some of Giabiconi’s shoots, is bankrolling the young man’s musical efforts, but it’s clear Lagerfeld likes showing him off: whether naked from the back (perhaps NSFW), or on the cover of Wallpaper (where pulling down a strip of paper makes Giabiconi go from clothed to naked).

The video for “Showtime” is as awful an experiment as you’d imagine. But at least his hair looks terrific?

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  • Adam

    The song is utterly forgettable, but my god with a face like that who cares! He’s almost “too perfect” in appearance but I’m not complaining!

  • Benjamin

    The camera loves him, obviously. Beautiful young man, beautifully shot. Song – okay.

  • latebrosus

    0:56 – 1:13: oh, the drama.

    (Yes, I watched that much of it.)

  • Alan

    The song is not ok. The song is horrible.

  • divkid

    dont see it. or do but cant see the point of it. i see a boy who’s man-o-meter needle is quivering at the brink of effeninacy trying too hard to convince otherwise but not convincing anyone. nice hands though. and was there a song you say…

  • divkid


    and there was a song you say…

    (and that is the new way to spell effeminacy. and i cap my loks for no man)

  • randy

    Some good-looking people should just keep their mouths shut and not try to act. And if he’s straight, so am I.

  • Dimi

    The beat is good but the lyrics is horrible.

  • Michael

    Needs to learn how to pronounce the letter “r”. Singing “wight” sounds a bit Elmer Fudd-ish.

  • Spike

    Whats with everyone hating on the lyrics, I couldn’t understand most of them! Funny when models ‘branch out’ and buy into the idea that the have talent beyond looking pretty. Guess this is pay back for sucking on Karl’s tit, among other things. Portraying him as str8t is as lame as the exploding sand.

  • divkid

    oh, michael he doesn’t need to learn anything, except how to suck that leathery pensioners cock. auto tune can do the rest. unfortunately for this poor boy it cant blow cock yet. but its results certainly do suck.

  • Chatanooga

    The song wouldn’t be bad to hear at a club, a few times. He’s goodlooking but not my type. And he really looks cross-eyed.

  • Lady CaCa

    how is this different from most of the shit the majority of you probably listen to?

  • Dali

    The damsel-in-distress theme is so 20th century! Thankfully, this story is to be continued. I’m waiting to see if the “hero” will get his pretty-boy face abused.

  • ADrian

    I guess it pays to have a rich sugar daddy, and be pretty enough for the camera…

  • Michael


    There was auto-tune? I was thinking he was just part android, or to make reference to Austin Power, an Hombot.

  • FlyTheWorld

    “wass wong wiss yoo mahn?”

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