Resigns As Bush's Lead Shithead

Karl Rove Out!

It’s a blessed day here in America. Karl Rove, the snake responsible for much of this administration’s evil, announced that on August 31, he’ll step down as President Bush’s senior adviser.

I just think it’s time. There’s always something that can keep you here, and as much as I’d like to be here, I’ve got to do this for the sake of my family.

Ack! This man has a family? Maybe there’s some dust up in hell that requires his assistance.

Rove’s timing seems a bit sneaky, of course. The administration’s “architect” came under scrutiny last month for his alleged role in the firing of federal prosecutors. When asked to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he refused, leading some to wonder if he’s resigning to avoid further scrutiny. To this, Rove replies, “I know they’ll say that. But I’m not going to stay or leave based on whether it pleases the mob.” Oh, Rove, don’t get us wrong, we’re thrilled, we just wish it had come earlier.

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  • Dawster

    who says there is no such thing as a modern day exorcism?

  • cjc

    I honestly don’t think this man’s departure will change anything. The evil from this administration has festered for too long in the White House. Whomever the next occupant is after ’09, I hope they do an exorcism or some other kind of cleansing of the bad juju in that place.

  • Woof

    Ding dong the witch is dead.

  • Graywolf48

    Rove’s leaving means trouble ahead. He’ll now be free to dedicate himself to the final part of the Rove/Bush Neocon domestic plan, the total destruction of what remains of the Democratic party. It’ll also free him from Congressional scrutiny, now that he’s a “private citizen”.

    Prediction: Rove will join the Fred Thompson campaign when Thompson announces next month. Rove will be teaching his GOP minions how to recapture the Congress and take the WH again. While at the White House, we knew where he was and had some idea what he was up to. Now, he’ll be among the people working his evil ways. Rove is not gone, nor is America safe from his dirty tricks and wicked machinations. I’ll only rejoice when Rove joins Lee Atwater, and even then, like Jason in all those Halloween movies, he might rise again.

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