Karl Rove’s A Real Piece of Work

In honor of Karl Rove’s timely exit from the White House, Pretty On The Outside offers their rendition of the evil political strategist.

It’s a pretty spot-on picture, except for three key components*:
1. Human flesh hanging from mouth.
2. Shit covered constitution hanging from Rove’s hairless, white ass.
3. A third chin.

Well done, POTO! If Karl Rove had a soul, you would have captured it!

Also, for those of you look for some irreverent fall fashions, check out POTO’s t-shirt collection. We’re jonesing for the rehab shirt, but we’ve got to develop a drug problem and head to rehab first.

Ah, things to do, things to do…

*We’d say four, but it’s nearly impossible to depict repressed homosexuality.