Karl Rove’s Obsession


Senator Hillary Clinton is viewed both as the potential saving grace for the Democrats or the poster child for their continual downfall. However you view her, the Republicans love to hate on the girl. If they’re not calling her brittle, or blaming her for Mr. Clinton’s indiscretions, they’re commenting on the problems they foresee her having in the general election. All of this seems a bit premature to us, particularly as Clinton hasn’t stated whether or not she is planning to run for president. Many say there is no way she could be elected while others strongly disagree. Clinton believes the Republicans are using her as a means of diversion from all the blunders they’ve made. Mrs. Clinton threw a big ghetto-style, “Get the funk up out of my bizznazz” to the Republicans, namely Karl Rove in a recent radio interview.

“Karl Rove is a brilliant strategist. So, if I were thinking about this, I’d say why are they spending so much time talking about me? What they’re hoping is that all of their missteps, which are now numbering in the thousands are going to somehow be overlooked because people, instead of focusing on the ’06 election, will jump ahead and thinki about the next one.

We don’t care what anyone says, we love us some Hillary. We just hope she watches her back. When you’ve got Karl Rove obsessing over you, it might make sense to break out the bullet proof vest.

Sen. Clinton Says Rove Obsesses About Her