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Karma comes hard for man who told his younger brother not to act ‘too gay’ at his wedding

A bride-to-be (or not-to-be, as it were) is having cold feet after her fiancé put his homophobia on full display before their wedding. Can you blame her?

Not only that, the groom’s antigay aggression was directed at his own brother and look, we obviously can’t judge a person’s whole character based on one Reddit post, but if this isn’t an enormous red flag we don’t know what is.

The story comes from the man’s sister, a professional wedding planner who’d initially agreed to plan the event for free.

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For the sake of her story, she refers to her straight, engaged brother as “B,” and their younger, gay brother as “J.”

“Everything was going pretty well until maybe a week and a half before the wedding, when B told me to remove our little brother (J) [24M] from the guest list,” she wrote.

She continued: “I tried asking him why but the only answer he would give me is that J was ‘being stubborn and selfish’. Of course, I had to ask J about this, apparently B showed up at his apartment and offered to ‘let J attend the wedding as long as he doesn’t act so gay’. J of course took offense to that and told B to f*ck off, probably leading him to calling me and uninviting him.”

After that, she decided to rescind her generous offer to plan the wedding for free.

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“I decided that uninviting J to the wedding was the last straw and that I’m not gonna keep helping B if he’s gonna continue to act like an a**hole to our own little brother. So I sent B all the info for everything I planned at that point, the contacts for the venue, the catering, decorations, everything. Then I told him that if he’s gonna keep treating J like sh*t then he should plan his own wedding because I’m not going to.”

Now the wedding is postponed indefinitely, and her whole family thinks it’s her fault. “When I tried to explain myself I got people telling me that I shouldn’t have done something so drastic over a petty squabble between brothers.”

But… plot twist! It turns out the postponement has nothing to do with the planning process.

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“B’s fiancee has told everyone that it was her who decided to postpone the wedding, and it’s not because they couldn’t finish planning.

“She said that ‘this current situation with J has brought up some past issues in their relationship’ and that she needs more time to talk to B about it and reflect before fully committing to marrying him.”

There are plenty of non-homophobic fish in the sea…just sayin’.