Kate Moss No Friend of Colombian VP

The Colombian vice-president, Francisco Santos, had some harsh words for Kate “Blow Hard” Moss the other day.

Speaking on his nation’s protracted war on drugs, Santos put the blame on Moss and other coke-tooting celebs. Our guilty-pleasure, the ultra-conservative British news-tabbie, The Daily Mail quotes him as saying:

When [Moss] appeared to snort a line of cocaine, she put land mines in Colombia, she killed people in Colombia, she displaced people in Colombia, she helped finance kidnapping. To me it’s baffling that somebody who helps cause so much pain in Colombia is doing better than ever and winning more contracts than ever.

“And I never once heard her say ‘I’m sorry’. When in Colombia policemen, judges, journalists, common men and women are dying every day because of [drug-related violence], that hurts.

Oh no! Who knew Kate Moss had so much destructive power? If she does two lines, will the world stop spinning?

His words coincide with the beginning of a new advertising campaign urging druggies everywhere to consider the damage their butrose habit’s have on Colombia. The heavy-handed tagline reads, “Cocaine not only destroys you, it also destroys a country”.

We can’t help but wonder, however, if Santos has such harsh words for his politico-peers who profit off of the laughing powder.

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  • Tom

    He’s right. Please don’t take the Daily Mail link into account, but Santos is right. As *if* Moss would have only two lines. There is so much drug related crime in Colombia which is not only a developing nation, it’s a nation that’s growing turistically.

    It affects another country. No one ever thinks that. Colombia is a paradise with the most beautiful people I have ever encountered, with a hospitality and warmth that will always be. And there are a load of c***s in the UK for example that are stifling the progress by taking loads of impractical drugs worrying about whether they get caught, but not actually thinking about where it comes from.

    Yeah, Politics in South America are close to impossible at the moment, but sarcy comments aren’t going to help the situation. There’ll be a time when Colombia won’t just be in the top ten in the Lonely Planet destinations (yes, you heard!)… It will be in the top three :)

  • Creepy Lesbo

    No, he’s right – Kate is killing OUR country as well. I can’t believe her and her boyfriend still walk around free as you like. Talk about one rule for the rich and another for the people living in Peckham… Not to mention inflicting us with their ugly, scrawny bodies and awful music.

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