Kate Moss’s Beau Arrested For Drugs

Pete Doherty.jpgPete Doherty, the on-again/off-again boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss, has been arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and heroin.

We, like the rest of civilization, are utterly floored at the news that Kate Moss’ boyfriend does drugs. Although this is not Doherty’s first time crossing paths with the law; in 2003, he served prison time for drug possession, after getting arrested for breaking into his bandmate’s apartment and stealing his harmonica. And we feel just terrible about finding that funny.

Doherty is the lead singer of the rock group Babyshambles. We would pretend we are big fans of Babyshambles so we seem edgy and cool but we have no idea who they are. We do know they used to be called The Libertines, but changed their names a few years ago, apparently finding “The Libertines” undesirable because it made sense.

Despite the striking resemblance, Pete Doherty is not actually the President of the Harry Potter Fan Club.

Doherty in the slammer for smack, again