Kathleen Sebelius Rumored for HHS Secretary, Gives Us Excuse to Talk About Her Hot Son


Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius is rumored (read: likely) to be Obama’s choice to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, replacing tax evader Tom Daschle. Kitty is one of our favorite politicians; as governor she proposed a national bill of patients’ rights and prevented the sale of Blue Cross and Blue Shield to an out-of-state company that would have raised premiums, but every discussion we have about Kitty Sebelius always returns to the fact she has a hot artsy son that we’re in love with.

John Sebelius, a RISD-grad, caused a minor controversy for his mom when he started selling a prison-themed board game called “Don’t Drop the Soap.” He has opinions on fashion: “I don’t like fur. Denim on denim. I don’t like the Canadian tuxedo-denim jacket with denim jeans. Or skorts.” He designs his own line of artsy suit jackets and shirts under the auspices of Gillius Inc. We have more than once fantasized about being a power couple, though the reality that Sebelius lives in Kansas (and is, as far as we know, not gay) brings us back to Earth.

In any event, we sure hope his mom winds up as HHS Secretary, if only so we can have an excuse to keep talking about him for the next four years.