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Kathy Griffin Blames Gay Suicides On ‘Trickle Down Homophobia’

“All you anti-gay public figures, and you know who you are, you have the blood of these dead teens on your hands,” says Kathy Griffin in message to gay teens — and folks like Tom Emmer, Eddie Long, and Christine O’Donnell. But she also aims her ire at the parents defending the bullies: It’s “bullshit. It’s about right and wrong.”

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  • Skyler

    Love you, Kathy!

  • Mums the word at work

    LUV U Kathy, thanks for the kind words as always!!

    And Queerty, ENOUGH w/the DAMN wraparound advertising already!! It makes it harder to actually read the articles and I don’t even bother now to check out Morning Goods due to how the wraparounds screw up my screen. Queerty is going to get lower overall ‘clicks’ if they keep this up.

  • TruthTeller

    I guess she’s blaming Obama but just won’t say it.

  • David

    I think it’s great that all these straight people and advocates for the gay community like Kathy are making these videos. The support is great from wherever you can get it… but shouldn’t straight people be saying, I hear it gets better?

  • ewe

    @TruthTeller: well she lets Anderson Cooper stay in the closet too. so… ?

  • Theo

    Love you Kathy :)

  • Sug Night

    Leave it to her to coin the perfectly succinct phrase that describes the truth of the situation.

  • Mike

    @ EWE: FYI, Anderson Cooper has to stay in the closet for his safety. He reports internationally and there are many countries who would not allow him in or guarantee on getting out with his life. Kathy Griffin has eluded to this fact as well as others.

  • ewe

    @Mike: The CIA routinely uses that rationale too while invading spaces not in their territory. What a crock. Anderson Cooper is not you or me roaming around any part of this earth. He has an army called CNN behind him. That is such crap. Does Elton John get assassinated by governments when he is performing concerts? Even if what you say it true, it cannot be tolerated. OOPS… say nothing about muslim terrorists and Iraqis cementing the anuses of gay men while forcefeeding them laxatives. You might be a target. Anderson Cooper is immune to that.

  • ewe

    @Mike: insulated if not immune.

  • ewe

    @Mike: ech. the whole thing is so ugly. I wish you would not justify such hatred with fear. It is not an option.

  • AdonisOfFire

    Kathy is a great role model, small and funny woman, I love her.

  • AdonisOfFire


    sowwy, typo.

  • Geoff B

    Love Kathy and loved the video, but I wish she would have named some names of the people who have blood on their hands. Here’s a few just off the top of my head: Sarah palin, Barack Obama, Sean hannity, Aaron Schock, Bill Brady, Michelle Malkin, Maggie Gallagher, 50-Cent,Rush Limbaugh, Dr.Alveeda King, Sally Kern,Virginia Foxx, Linda Lingle, Tony Perkins,Rick Perry, Mel Gibson, Michelle Bachmann, Fred Phelps(and his entire inbred clan),Laura Schlessinger,Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and the list goes on. Granted some in varying degrees, but shame on all of them nonetheless.

  • Bobby in Seattle

    As a gay male, I’d give anything to work for Kathy. There isn’t a thing I can think of, that doesn’t make me love her bunches.

  • Rick Gold

    @David: Use Google Chrome and get an adblocker extension. Problem solved.

  • peteNsfo

    I want everyone to use the phrase, “Trickle-down Homophobia” today at least once! It is perfect language to describe the daily drip of societal messages to young & old that gay is not okay.

  • Daez

    Kathy is an amazing person, and such a great ally. Where I live, I grew up thinking I was a second class citizen and being bullied. However, I had amazing parents that taught me that life sucks and you better get used to it. Then I met my amazing man who taught me that life doesn’t have to suck and I better get used to that.

    So, I spent 31 years thinking that I should settle for being second class, and this whole new feeling of being first class all the way is pretty damn exciting.

    The law will eventually catch up with what is right instead of what the vocal minoirty whines the most loudly about (and make no mistake, those Xsters and fundies are the minority). In this country, you have to believe that.

    The more we come out and tell our friends and our families who we are and what we stand for, the more we get them on our side. I know there are those with bad experiences, and I’ve had a few, but it starts with standing up for ourselves with our friends and our family.

  • Fitz

    @Mums the word at work: For what it’s worth (and, no, I don’t work for them) I bought AdMuncher a few years ago, and it’s great at cutting the ads, event he popup ones. It does get in the way of some porn, but it’s easy to disable.

  • GoKitty

    Margaret Cho also mentioned the gay teen suicides on Dancing With The Stars even though it felt like they really didnt want her to say “gay” when talking about her dance story. The woman was wearing a sparkly fringed rainbow flag practically.

  • Gary B.

    This is SO GREAT that this kind of thing is making the news. Obviously it’s not great that people are committing suicide, but it’s also not new at all. It’s been going on forever, and now it’s just being made public. This is such a step in the right direction, and Kathy Griffin, as usual, desreves huge praise for lending her voice to the cause. :-)

  • jason

    Why isn’t the lovely Kathy taking a swing at liberal homophobes? Look at liberal homophobes like Eminem, 50 Cent, the people at MTV…the list goes on and on. Kathy would have more credibility if she criticized homophobia from the left and not just the right.

  • Tommy

    @jason: What makes Eminem and 50 cent liberal? I don’t follow them that closely but I haven’t heard them make political left wing statements on other issues. They aren’t really political other than the fact they seem to hate gay people. I don’t remember them talking about the war in Iraq or the economy or stuff like that.
    Like it or not, 99.99% of homophobia comes from the right. Most of homophobia comes from fundamentalist religion which naturally has a rightist political agenda. Most of the left wing churches like the Unitarian Church and Reform Judaism support equal rights for gay people and aren’t homophobic.

  • Scott Amundsen

    Kathy Griffin is in a class by herself: she’s hilariously funny, of course, but she’s also a staunch advocate and God knows we could use a lot more like her!

    (Incidentally, while she has had her share of awards for her comedy, and deservedly so, she also should have gotten an Emmy nomination for her unforgettable guest turn on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” in which she played a Lesbian activist. If you have not seen this episode, titled “P.C.,” keep an eye out for it; she’s fabulous.)

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