Kathy Griffin Deals With The Death Of Joan Rivers: “Respect Must Be Paid To This Woman”

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 1.02.44 PMAnderson Cooper has positioned CNN at the forefront of reporting on the untimely (yes, untimely) death of Joan Rivers, offering up two exclusive interviews with power gay Andy Cohen and honorary power gay Kathy Griffin to talk about what made the 81-year-old comedienne legendary.

Speaking with Cooper on Thursday, Cohen said “she was such a life force, and though she was in her 80’s, it’s [her death] is still shocking.” She was “someone you’d thought would be around forever,” he added, and above all else, “she was an uncensored diva.”

Cooper added: “It’s often hard to understand why some people have appeal in the gay community, and I think…beyond her acceptance of people, there was something about the fact that she had overcome all these obstacles…and persevered.”

Cooper also snagged an interview with his bestie Kathy Griffin, who will no doubt be the woman who carries Joan’s legacy forward. In her first interview with the media since Joan’s death, Kathy said “respect must be paid to this woman.”

“She blazed a trail for me and all the girls, and in the face of so much adversity.” Check out her thoughts below:

Beyond that, CNN also produced two wonderful clips over at their YouTube page, chronicling Joan’s Tonight Show legacy and her most memorable moments. Check them out below:

Hear how other celebs reacted to Joan’s death over here.

Photo: Twitter