Kathy Griffin, DWTS, Google, Zachary Quinto’s Boyfriend, Bethenny Frankel And More!

The kerfuffle over Chaz Bono‘s inclusion in the new season of Dancing With the Stars has reached the show’s producers, who are telling viewers not to get their panties in a bunch. Responding to troglodytes like the site (sorry, we’re not gonna link to them)—who whined about both Bono’s and Carson Kressley‘s appearance on the show—DTWS producer Conrad Green said, “I think we’ve had three gay or transgender contestants out of about 120 on the show, so what we’re really doing is reflecting some of the makeup of this vast array of people that make up American society.” We kind of wish Green had stopped there. Instead he added, “We’re not going to be dwelling on Chaz’s sexuality any more than we dwell on anyone’s sexuality on the show…We’re not going to… make it difficult for you to watch with your children at all.” Oooh, we’re so glad somebody thought of the children!

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