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Kathy Griffin Is Coming For Willow Palin

“I’ve already gone for Sarah, Todd and Bristol obviously,” Kathy Griffin says in plotting her next Palin takedown. “But I think it’s Willow’s year to go down. In 2011 I want to offend a new Palin.” Does it matter that Willow is just a wee 16 years old? Nah. “She’s called people a faggot on Facebook a couple of times. You don’t throw around the f-word without hearing from me about it.”

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    Watch the rightwing lunatic nutbags go ballistic over Kathy’s comments……….Just like when they so blatently falsly tried to demand David Letterman’s temination when he was clearly directing his barbs at Scarahs older slut, not the younger one………..And they won’t mention that Willow had a preggers scare earlier this year……

  • Sug Night

    I hope they do go after Kathy – it will give her the publicity she wants. She’s savvy that way. Love me some K.G.

  • Meowzer

    I’m sure we’re going to start hearing the “children of politicians should be off limits” rants from the Republicans if Kathy starts on Willow.
    Problem with that argument is, if Willow is bold enough to start calling people “faggots” on Facebook, then she should be able to take the repercussions.
    Kathy knows what she’s doing. Even bad press is good press to her. Go Kathy!

  • SteveC

    Isn’t Willow on her mother’s reality show? If so then she’s fair game.

    She’s 16, not 4. And if Sarah Palin is willing to pimp her kids out to television then she can’t be annoyed if people start commenting on them.

  • Bob

    Can’t wait for Kathy to chop that Willow down.

  • Zzee

    That’s what she gets for whipping her homophobia back and forth…

  • Cam

    To any of those folks saying that…

    Willow is underaged


    children should be offlimits.

    Well, Willow is in her mothers TV Show, and Willow took to a public forum and mocked people calling them faggots and making fun of their weight.

    Also, Sara Palin runs on a family values ticket and therefore her family is part of her claim for her ability to lead. Her family’s behavior then is very relevent. So far she has raised, a drop out, an abstinence advocate who happened to get pregnant and a kid who attacks people’s weight and calls them faggot in public. Way to mother there Sara.

  • Alan

    I dunno. Seems like we should just not stoop to their level…

  • Sam

    Chelsea Clinton was viewed as fair game for insults from the Republican pundits when she was still a child and in no position to give a rebuttal—most infamously from Rush Limbaugh (who insinuated she was the “White House dog” when she was 13) and John McCain (who joked that she was “ugly … because her father is Janet Reno” when she was 17). Chelsea wasn’t even intentionally pushed into making public appearances; she was unwittingly in the public spotlight while her father was President.

    If Sarah wants to force Willow and the rest of the family into a reality show entirely to benefit (she presumes) her own political career, such mockery from Kathy Griffin is justified. Especially when Willow throws the “faggot” word around on Facebook like she’s Perez Hilton or somebody.

  • Cam


    Who is we? Kathy isn’t gay.

  • jackieohboy

    @Zzee: hahahah best comment, you win 4 internets

  • GayGOP

    @Meowzer: I normally would be on that bandwagon, that children of politicians should be off limits, yet, Willow Palin falls into that small class of idiot children of politicians who should be called out because they act stupidly and abuse that position.

    I don’t countenance the attacks on the Bush Twins or Chelsea Clinton, and certainly not the Obama Girls, or the Palin boys (at least, not yet, though one or both of them could follow their sisters’ examples, and then open themselves up to attack). They have no choice in what their parents do for a living, and do not seek that celebrity. It is only when they abuse their celebrity that they are opened up for attack in my view.

  • Jake

    Yes, Willow has made homophobic and generally offensive comments, but shouldn’t the gay community know better than to bully teenagers?

  • Jim in St Louis

    Kathy used to be funny, now she only gets approval for her political views- not her jokes. No one laughs at her humor, they just feel that they have to support her politics- so now all you hear from the audience is whoops and clapping–but no laughing.
    I miss the old Kathy.

  • Pat Duffy

    @Jake: Because it’s their last chance to realise what they’re doing is WRONG. One of the MANY reasons I don’t go to school reunions is to hear from those that bullied me that “if only someone had told me it was wrong to _____”(input physical or emotional Abuse).
    ‘Course, with THAT family, I don’t think ANY Nurture can overcome NATURE.

  • Daez

    Children should be off limits. KG is about as big of a publicity whore as DC, but at least she is an entertainer so she should be.

  • Ginger

    Kathy Giffin is so disgusting with her fugly self.

  • mlosumrs

    Yeah, this is funny. It is always funny to see someone slip on a banana peel like this straggly-thin hair redhead that somehow appears to carry similar genes that a Hapsbur-Carrotto-lovechild may appear to possibly enjoy. It will also be comical to follow the desperate-grasping attempts and self-destruction of this loser as she proceeds trying to make a success of her clearly failed career by following thru with openly admitting forthcoming attacks on a 16 year old like any openly common pedophile. Unfortunately this “person” not only needs a live television facelift and a makeover but a live television brain transplant followed by a live television stay with Dr. Drew, to enhance and resurrect comedy entertainment to her currently limited audience. Accordingly, best wishes to her for the success of those some-time in the future re-runs when maybe she will look into the toilet and truly see herself swirling in the flush as she is now.


    @mlosumrs: Thank you for your comments Mrs. Pallin………….. :p

  • mlosumrs


    Mrs. Pallin would have historically been much more eloquent than I. Sorry for your typical inability to give a clever response but I thank you for the compliment Ms. Griffin and dot-tada dot to you too!

  • Dave

    Ugh Kathy Griffin is a media whore/attention whore and she’s not funny.

    I don’t like the Palins but it’s just trashy and stooping to their level on the part of Kathy Griffin who has never been funny.

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