Kathy Griffin Keeps Anderson Cooper Honest, Barely Closeted on New Year’s Eve

Haha. A “vanilla-covered strawberry.” That’s how Kathy Griffin would describe Anderson Cooper if he had to be a desert item. Because he’s a fruit. Covered in thick cream. As we expected, it was, hands down, the gayest New Year’s Eve broadcast of the decade, with an assist from Lance Bass. It was also the most profane:

With lots of discussion about balls. Balls that drop, even.

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  • terrwill

    This is the bestest Gay year ever!! We haven’t had the rights to marry taken away from us in any state all year long!!!!! : P

  • Mary

    Anderson is never more gay than when he’s with Kathy G. He even loses his normal “newsman” voice.

  • scott ny'er

    Anderson is sooooo cute and giggly in that first clip. And Kathy is great how she just keeps on trying to push his buttons and crack him up. Lance seemed really cool as well.

  • Tim

    Dumb me, I thought strawberry was a reference to the color of Coop’s sweater.

  • terrwill

    HOLY THIT! Four posts into this thread and no one has bitched about AC not comin out yet!!!

    And the greatest Gay year continues!! Not one measure to deny us our rights, prevent our marrying or anything all year long!!!

  • Craizey

    2010 will be awesome & as proof i found this site today :D

  • Fitz

    Anderson is never gay. Sometimes he is homosexual.

  • Troy Manor

    i don’t think anderson is homosexual. or gay. just queer.
    happy and merry and god bless us one and all – troy

  • Charles

    I think you might mean “dessert.”

  • Anon

    @Terriwill Ah, you just knew the lack of bitching couldn’t last!
    @Fitz He’s plenty gay, he just doesn’t feel the need to involve you in it. And the gay/homosexual thing is not catching on.

    I loved the show. It didn’t have a “knock the dicks out of your mouth” moment like last year, but still they are always great together. I loved how Kathy cracked up while asking “How do you not just stare in the mirror all day and pleasure yourself because you’re so gorgeous?”. She is so hilarious.

  • romeo

    I give Anderson a pass. He’s not in the closet; he just hasn’t made a public announcement, but he’s intimated it enough. He doesn’t say he’s NOT gay, so that’s enough for someone in his position. Besides, the only ones who still don’t know he’s gay is maybe four old ladies in Dubuque.

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    I thought the best parts were: 1) The ace reporter named Poppy Harlow (seriously) who was a spitting image for Jenna Maroney of 30 Rock, who did bizarre ‘dancing in place’ live reports from the crowd. Kathy was on her like a panther. 2) The scene from Key West that opened with an accidental shot of the CNN reporter macking on some woman.

  • terrwill

    No. 11 · romeo: 100% agree. He is one of the very few closeted celebs never pictured in pictures nor at events with a beard, yet sporting no facial hair!! : P Unlike his ABC rival on New Years Miss Ryan Seacreat………….

    Word is that he has given serious thought to commin out. But he is one of the contenders to replace Larry King and he has been advised to wait, fearing he will lose the gig. Again, while it sucks that he does in fact have to stay in a holding pattern in the closet, he should be given a pass for not having a pretend Barbie girlfriend on his arm, nor living a total make believe straight lifestyle. He never denies it and is fairly open about his life.

  • Mariele

    The gayest! And the funniest! It kills me when they have Kathy Griffin on a program and then complain about (her)vulgarity. She is the comedic heiress to George Carlin, except she actually uses the 7 words.

  • Charles Merrill

    Lance Bass – WOW. He can stand up to any of them. Hate to say it, but more charisma than Anderson on TV.

  • terrwill

    With Anderson, Lance, and Kathy they could have called the show:
    “Two and a Half Gay Men”……… : P

  • mk

    @ Charles Merrill

    Lance has a more normal brand of charisma. Anderson’s charisma has always been an individual and kind of nerdy thing.

    I don’t know if Lance is set up for life from Nsync profits, but if he wants work I wouldn’t be suprised if he could do OK in some sort of gig as an Entertainment Tonight type personality.

  • scott ny'er

    to me Anderson’s charisma is indescribable. He’s handsome and refined. But yet, giggly (in these clips) and supposedly embarrassed by off hand type of remarks.

    unfortunately, i viewed the Kelly Ripa/Anderson clips and there he came off a little less that he was red-faced and more embarrassed to make a fool of himself. Almost embarrassed to appear gay. It was the hip-thrusting exercises.

    maybe because he’s a serious journalist… dan rather probably wouldn’t be doing hip-thrusting exercises either. But then again Dan Rather wouldn’t be on a Kelly Ripa show either.

  • terrwill

    No. 17 · mk: Alas, we can’t call him Lance-a-lot! During the heyday of N’sync they were still indentured servants to Lou Pearlman. He signed them, and all his other boy bands to the most inane lopsided contracts in the history of entertainment. He would find a bunch of cute kids, sign them to those contracts, train and groom them, and then reap the millions. He created these contracts which would entitle him to a percentage of every single dollar of income the bands would earn. I think at one point due to all the clauses he was getting in excess of 80% of the gross income! They finaly broke free of the contract but were pretty much N’done at that point…..And it came out that Pearlman had the classic casting couch in his home.

    You want to be in a band? Ya had to play with Lou’s organ…… :<

  • mk

    @ scott ny’er

    If he was embarrassed to appear gay his NYE special wouldn’t have featured him standing next to Kathy Griffin, doing a Cher impression, lamenting the absence of Lady Gaga and chatting with Lance Bass and drag queens.

    Appearing gay is pretty different than appearing like you are performing a solo sex show on morning television. The hip movements were very sexual and sometimes fairly silly, I’m not surprised he got really shy and giggly and wouldn’t do most of them on air. He would have had to have been aware that footage of him pelvic thrusting while doing ride em cowboy arm movements and the rest of that would have been cause for hilarity all over the internet for years if he’d done it, which doesn’t help a new anchor career as you say.

  • mk

    terrwill: Nsync managed to get out of their contract with Pearlman before their last album or two, though, didn’t they? I think they had to pay through the nose for that and profits for their later album(s) and tour(s) would have been split several ways between the groups and their teams, so your probably right that they aren’t rolling in huge cash.

  • terrwill

    No. 21 · mk: I believe you are correct. At least one more album possibly two, but they were past the heyday of the band…..At least Lance isn’t wallowing in pity and becoming like another member, Joey FATone. One more N’sync triva: Lance is actually his middle name actual name is James….(it freakin scares me sometimes that I have so much useless trivia stored in the hard drive of my brain)

  • scott ny'er

    @ No. 20 · mk
    IDK. I think anyone who takes that gig knows it’s going to be silly. I’m sure Regis would do it, laughing along. Also, Mario Lopez, Hugh Jackman, and whoever else might fill in host.

    When you co-host with Kathy, you know she’s going to curse, tell bawdy jokes, etc. When you do a morning show like Regis and Kathie Lee, you know stupid stuff will happen. That is what the audience loves.

    I’ve pretty much stood by Anderson (I do think he’s gay) and his decision to not discuss his personal life but I felt that clip showed a little something that left me disappointed with him. Whatever, he still banks over 10 mil a year, so I’m sure he couldn’t care less what I think. LOL.

    @No. 22 · terrwill
    Don’t most stars make $$$ from concerts. Lance Bass had $20mil to throwaway on that flight to nowhere so he must’ve made some kind of mad cash, no?

  • Ian

    It seems once a year Kathy gets AC to stop acting like a robotic waspish Stepford Wife and an actual fun human being. Too bad AC isn’t more charming like this the other 364 days he’s on the air.

  • An

    @no.23 Scott NY’er I think MK is right though, that he probably didn’t do it because it’d come across as too sexual, not because it’d be too silly. He’s done his Cher impression on Regis and Kelly as well, discussed his love of reality tv, imitated a bunch of drunk girls, fitted on silly halloween masks, and jumped in a bouncy castle. I think it’s the suggestiveness that made him uncomfortable, he gets like that when someone makes lewd compliments about his looks as well.

  • TheAwfulTruth

    I am sooooo over this closeted-queen Cooper. No wonder CNN is going down in flame. Once CNN gives him the boot – because ratings will continue dropping my dears – maybe he can go work with Griffin on Bravo. And hey, have a reality show about his bf who owns a bar!
    And Lance Bass????? LOLOL. Who is that hasbeen? God, gag me. OH, I know, he can replace Anderson on CNN! Such losers…

  • romeo

    @ Awful #26: Why so bitter? LOL

  • terrwill

    No. 26 · TheAwfulTruth: I see your New Years resolutions to spread some sunshine around is going well……….. : P

  • WillBFair

    Anderson is hot, and I especially like his chuckles. But he choked at Cher’s name, then recovered. He probably thought the mere mention would drag him out of the closet and into some hellish gopher job at e-news.
    But who the hell is Lance Black, another pop icon I missed? Oh the shame.
    I liked the giant umbrella. And I noticed that sweet Anderson mentioned the ‘stroke’ of midnight not once but twice. If that isn’t proof positive the man is a flaming drag queen outside of office hours, I’ll shave my chest and audition for Dreamgirls. I don’t know what that means. But those two did a charming job.

  • TheAwfulTruth

    Yeah Terrwill, will bring some sunshine to your ass.

  • Cam

    So basically CNN decided you couldn’t be on their New Years special unless you were gay or a self proclaimed “Fruit Fly/Fag Hag”. Looked like they were having fun.

  • hephaestion

    I love that Kathy and Anderson had Lance Bass reporting from Las Vegas and they showed the drag queen in the falling shoe in Key West!

    That’s about as wonderfully gay as it can get.

  • michelle cambell


    dude – it’s 2012 ! ! ! Wake the F up man / it’s not 2010!!!! where have you been hiding, oh no, NOT the closet!!!! get out of there – make the world a better place!!! we need people to know that our love is true if not more true than the hetroes!!!! don’t make any mistakes writing your checks darlin, it’s 2012 not 2010. xo Happy New Year

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