Kathy Griffin Quits “Fashion Police” With Amazing Twitter Shade

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The ghost of Joan Rivers is exacting her revenge on Fashion Police. How else do you explain the sudden departures of hosts Kelly Osborne and most recently, noted feminist and gay activist Kathy Griffin?

Via an awesome Twitter press release, Griffin listed her credentials — trophy snatcher, patriot and eternal friend of Joan among them — before basically calling her Fashion Police cohorts a bunch of unfunny body Nazis who wouldn’t know a joke if it slapped them across the face with a Givenchy glove:

The most obvious heir apparent to Rivers’ brand of brass and ballsy humor, Griffin joined E!’s resident shade parade after the legendary comedian’s untimely passing. However, once Giuliana Rancic stuck her Louboutin in her mouth with offensive comments about Disney star Zendaya’s dreadlocks, Griffin must have realized the “creative direction” of the show: right down the toilet.

h/t: Vulture