Kathy Griffin: Sarah Palin Hates Gay People

In what of the better pieces of television I’ve seen Kathy Griffin appear on, she lashes responds to Sarah Palin calling her a bully, since Kathy says she’s intent on targeting 16-year-old “faggot” hater Willow. “When her daughter Willow posted on her Facebook wall, and I don’t follow her on Facebook, I am not on Facebook, when I saw on all the, you know, news coverage about the daughter using the f-word, the pejorative for gay people, and I don’t mean the fun four-letter word that I use,” Griffin tells Lawrence O’Donnell. “When you’re 16 you know you’re not supposed to use that word. That’s a word you really do kind of tie in with bullying, especially in the LGBT community, a community I think that she doesn’t care about, but that’s completely obvious to me that’s very, very different. You can see if you look at that posting, that’s not a joke.”