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Kathy Griffin v. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: ‘Bring It’

Wasn’t The View one of the shows Kathy Griffin was banned from? Was that ban revoked? How long have I been unconscious? Anyhow, she was on there today, and it was The Awesome.

Accused by Elisabeth Hasselbeck of going on The View and saying “untrue” and “unfunny things, Kathy responds: “This moment is what I live for, so bring it.” Hah. She’s going to work this into the first 10 minutes of her next act.

This is what happened beforehand:

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  • Richie616

    Haha, Kathy is awesome.

  • Ponyboy

    Hasselbitch in full effect.

  • Mike L.

    Elisabeth is a stupid prude.

    GO team Kathy!

  • Geoff M


  • scott ny'er

    at times KG goes too far. But Elisabeth, that woman deserves it.

  • trickstertara

    I don’t watch The View. Does Elisabeth Hasselbeck ever *win* an argument?

  • jeffree

    Elisabeth is no match for KG! Kathy is smarter, cuter, funnier, & more informed.

    Don’t forget the Hasselbeck is supposedly close friends with recently single Melissa Etheridge (or however that is spelled)

  • wannabegay2

    Kathy has NEVER EVER gone too far!!!! its just comedy, its just fun and no one should get offended. its freedom of speech and more important, you cant be so uptight about everything. i, for one, laugh at myself everyday!

  • Ryan

    I knew something was going to happen…

    She didn’t say anything to Kathy, and twice I saw her cringe and
    produce that posture that says, “I’m better than you/holier than thou art are”…they more than once talked about pap smears and vaginas and Levi Johnston…and Sherry’s in the same boat as Hasselbeck, but she seemed to be enjoying herself…although I think the freedom of speech enjoyed by Kathy added to her outburst at Kathy.

    I sat waiting for it to happen, and it did! Haha….

    So, what fact/truth about Hasselbeck did Kathy proclaim to piss her off? Does anyone know?

  • whatever

    Who’s the other bimbo on the black dress?

  • Kieran

    The only thing really funny about Kathy Griffin is that Ronald MacDonald head on her shoulders.

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    Whatever, the other “bimbo” is Kassie DePaiva, who plays my arch-enemy Blair Cramer Buchanan Manning Holden Manning Manning McBain on One Life to Live.

    Elizabitch was totally rude and unprofessional today, acting bored and deliberately yawning on-camera. I presume KG has made fun of Elizabitch in the past–but, of course, she deserves it.

  • Qjersey

    “Bring it” is the new “Suck it”

    Reminds me of Rosanne’s old rant where’d she’d run down the list of awful thing that had happened to her and then end with “Fuck with me”

  • Jorge

    I think Elisabeth asked a reasonable question, but her behavior leading up to it shows she didn’t actually want or care about an answer, she was trying to prove a point. It’s funny, she couldn’t even look Kathy in the eye when was speaking, and then Kathy cut right through the BS without letting her finish.

  • jason

    Notice how all these bimbos are showing their legs. I don’t see male hosts showing their legs.

    Women need to stop exploiting double standards. Either you want your rights equal or you want them special. You can’t have it both ways. Which way is it?

  • Michael Joseph Cuneo

    Poor Elizabeth. The brainless, ill-informed little right-wing bigot walked up to the brink and then chickened out. Knowing she couldn’t stand up to quick on your toes humor, she should just kept her pouty lil’ mouth shut. Aw well, she can do the right-wing-martyr-whine about something new now. Sad thing.

  • Michael Joseph Cuneo

    So, what, you love her ’cause she reminds me of a less slutty version of your mee-maw?

  • Charlemaine

    As to why Elisabeotch doesn’t care for KG:

    A. KG is a very good friend of Rosie O’Donnell, who quit the View before her contract was up over an on air ‘cat fight’ with EH.

    B. KG commented badly about EH in an interview with some mag. Something to the effect that everybody forgets that she’s just a F…ing Survivor Reject.

    I too knew something would happen. Walters needs to wake up and dump this snooty brat. She’s been dissed by more guests than I can count, and I think her foot should permanently take up residence in her mouth, it’s been there so often.

    Kudos to Kathy for standing her ground.

  • topsyturvy

    IF Kathy had said anything then Elisabeth would have gone to her default position of crying … like she did they were talking about the “n word” and when she apologized for her offensive comments about Erin Andrews’ DWTS costumes.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    Well, Bitsy Hasselbitch IS a fucking Survivor reject.

  • Jon

    Kathy made the comments about her being a reject from Survivor a few years back while her ban was still in effect. Kathy was on the View last year, why bring it up now? Im guessing Bill Geddie, the super republican ass who coaches Elisabeth everyday before the show, decided to egg the drama on.

  • Franco

    Why haven’t they fired E.H. yet? She is the most hypocritical, contradictory, unprofessional person on that show. How could she possibly treat a guest like that? She could have asked a legitimate question instead of resorting to passive aggressive childish behaviour, or she could have confronted Kathy back stage. Surely she can’t bring in enough ratings to warrant an extension to her contract? Get rid of her. There are far more intelligent conservative voices out there. She isn’t even smart enough to conjure up a clever retort to Kathy’s comeback.

  • Jeremy

    Why does every Republican women have to act like their having a stick upon their ass? I bet 50 bucks by the time Elizabeth is 45, she’s gonna have a “drinking problem”.

  • jeffree

    “Truth in Advertising” regulations should force them to rename the show to “UnViewable” !

    Surely there’s a much better informed person with conservative ideas out there who could replace the Hasselbeck.

    I understand they need to keep ratings up by having a Repub as co-host, but Lissie only knows what Bill Geddies (sp?) says in her ear & she is incapable of a coherent thought, decent follow-up questions or responding to a guest.

    I always loved it when Ms Goldberg raises her eyebrowns and has that look on her face whenever the Survivor Reject opens her mouth.

    Something tells me that Joy Behar and Lissie don’t hang out together after work.

  • Bruce

    Alright, in one corner a woman who deals with religious holier then thou attitude people and in the other a woman who can cut a drag queen to the quick, gee I wonder why Kathy ate her lunch and dismissed her like the old bitty she is.

  • WiseUp

    I know what the show The View is, but would someone tell me who this Cathy Griffin is? I always see her name come up on gay blogs and honestly have no idea what she’s known for. Was she one of the Desperate Housewives cast?

  • westtexas99

    @WiseUp: Really? I don’t particularly care that you don’t know who she is. But, I am baffled that you are apparently unable to answer that question on your own. Here’s a hint: search engine.

    Both Bing and Google will get help you figure out who she is, even if you mispell her name like you did in your post.

  • WiseUp

    West : I usually look on Wikipedia for that kind of info., but not every human being is listed there, either. I think you could have told me who she is in fewer words than that.

  • jeffree

    @WiseUp: Wait till 4th grade and they will teach you the difference between a C and a K!
    Until your Mom or Dad allows you to access Google/ Bing, you are pretty much stuck being ignoránt.

    Trolling the ghay websites is NEVER clever until you learns some english sppellings.

    It’s really difficult stuff but you’ll get there in a few years. Promise

  • WiseUp

    But who is Cathy Griffin???!!! Singer, actress, lesbian, politician’s wife??? I type her name into google and all that comes up is her name on gay blogs and posing with gay porn star Erik Rhodes.

  • WiseUp

    Excuse me, Kathy Griffin.

  • WiseUp

    And Jeffree, at least I’ve made an effort to learn English as best and as quick as I can since moving to the U.S. I wonder if you could do as well.

  • jeffree

    @Wise /Jason Helms Up: Your post has been flagged, your ISP recorded, and your inability to tell the difference between an adverb and an adjective has been noted.
    And laughed about.

  • Ash

    @WiseUp: Kathy, is a Comedian and actress. She’s mostly known for being on the TV show “Suddenly Susan” and more recently her reality show “My Life on the D List” as well as her stand-up comedy in which she insults all the celebs. lol.

    She’s on a lot of gay websites because she’s a big supporter of us and so the gays support her :)

    All you need to know:

  • WiseUp

    Jeffree, you are the one to be laughed at much. You cannot even spell “gay” correct.

  • jason

    @jason: womens shouldnt show the legs because it make me so hawt even though i downgrade any women who pretend the bi-sexualness because it’s just a marketing stunt or ploy to convince me to dress like my mom

  • WiseUp

    Ash : Yes, I know of the show Suddenly Susan but have not gotten yet to seen it. Thank you for the info. I will look her up on YouTube too.

  • jason

    She is wonderful in her live performances, in case you ever get a chance to see her. She performs about 45 minutes longer than other stand up comics do, on average, and each performance is unique,

    Check out Kathleen Madigan on YouTube for a similarly funny comedian.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Jorge: She also didn’t bring it. Once just stating her question as a conclusion , and Kathy pushed back, she just shut down and didn’t say word. I think that’s tell that she’s confusing how she doesn’t like Kathy with whether Kathy is telling lies or not.

  • LatinCub

    Another highlight from yesterday’s episode was when Joy TOTALLY called Elizabeth out on being the contradictory mess she is. As usual, Elizabeth went off on Obama, the oil crisis and offshore drilling. I loved it when Joy called her hypocritical ass out and said, ” So when your friend Sarah Palin was for offshore drilling you were all gung-ho but now when it pertains to Obama now you want it stopped.” It was awsome to see her get owned. It was all downhill for Elizabeth after that.

  • Franco

    I also wanted to add that Bill Geddie the show’s EP does not like Kathy Griffin. He does however love Elisabeth which is why she is still on the show. When Rosie was the moderator and Elisabeth was being humiliated during the hot topic segments by Joy and Rosie each and everyday, Geddie would take her aside a half an hour before the show and coach her. I’m sure there are other conservative women out there who would not need to be coached on how to respond to legitimate arguments. I think Elisabeth is conservative because it’s her only identifiable character trademark. Take that away and she’s just another idiot.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @LatinCub: Yes! And the audience went nuts when Joy let her have it and that stupid Hasselbitch looked like she’d been slapped! Those are always the best moment on The View, when Elizabeth’s stupidity and bitchiness collide with truth and Joy Behar. It’s always a Joy win by an knockout! ROTFL!!!

  • kevinVancouver

    As an example of Elizabeths complete and utter hypocrisy… just the other day they had mentioned the 70+ year old woman who had passed away after just becoming the oldest woman to give birth..she was from India, Joy felt that there should be some kind of cut off date for people to have invitro and perhaps the doctor be brought up on charges since she felt his actions were neglectful.. follow mw so far… Elizabitch piped in screeching at Joy ..and im paraphrasing here folks “oh so you think the govt should tell a woman when she can and cant have a baby ? That they’re too old?” Are you fuckin serious !!! Mrs Hasselsmack doesnt seem to have a problem with folks wanting the govt to step in and pass laws making abortions illegal… Fak I HATE HER ! go away and crawl under a rock..

  • ewe

    Now i really like that Kathy Griffin. Isn’t it nice to see the hater Hasselbeck sitting in her silence and staying there when she knows someone is going to confront her on her “delusional business professional suit” bag of tired tricks? This was a classic Master Card commercial. Hasselbeck looks like an angry rabid dog stewing in her own feces that she is unable to throw at others besides saying “it’s all cool”. No Hasselcrack is wrong…It’s not all cool. There is nothing cool about Elizabeth Hobblequack. She should be terminated for hate and i blame ABC and Barbara Walters for keeping that piece of vile vomit on the air. Of course the upside is Kathy Griffin with her sparkling fake teeth proudly displaying like a mirror, the phoneyness of all public personas so they can choke on all their meaningless chatter.

  • Bobp

    Boy, that shut the bitch up!

  • blass

    i think the esteemable ms walters is spot on by letting the little right wing zealot stay on… she ‘represents’ for all those pitiful palinites and she is dumb as a rock and is incapable of doing very much harm… bw is doing the smart thing keeping her… she serves her purpose well…

  • counterpoll

    @blass: Maybe, but Elisabeth has a very rabid fanbase among socially conservative women — and some men too, if the blogs dedicated to the show are any indication.

    In fact, of the blogs I briefly visited –and NO I didn’t book-,mark them!– it looks like there a View blogs who ADORE her and a couple others slam her every word.

    I don’t think she’s harmless, but I think she just spouts the party line without thinking too much about it, so maybe, I hope the more moderate viewers see through her and how 1950s her ideas are.

  • blass


    thats what i have to think is happening… it seems to me the moderates are also moderately intelligent… and for some reason with my… admittedly questionable… logic i think they are not too impressed with the rhetoric…
    i just believe that everyone except that lower 30% know the score… as for that 30% nothing is going to change their minds… except for maybe… a huge maybe… if they have a really beloved family member come out… and even then not so much probably…

  • Ash

    @WiseUp: No problem :) Personally I loved her when she did this reality show called Celebrity Mole. She was great on it and it was a good show. I wish they’d bring the celeb version back. I miss it…

    I also watched her D-List show for a while, but now we don’t have the channel, so I don’t get to watch it anymore. It was best in the first couple seasons.

  • counterpoll

    @blass: You’re on to something there. I’ve seen people from all political stripes come out to their families, and it’s sort of easy to predict how the parents will react right away based on political and religious views, but really after the initial ‘wave’ has passed, I’m sometimes amazed how some parents who seem so “liberal” or moderate on other social issues never really come around to acceptance/affirmation.

    Even more surprising is that some very traditional families do the hard work of getting education on LGB issues, and wrestle with their religious faith.

    I’ve seen some very surprising cases on both “sides,” and it just reminds me I’m really not so terribly clever after all!

    Barbara W. still is annoying to me. I miss Meredith V. Whoopi & Joy still make me laugh, but I haven’t seen more than 20 minutes of the show in a long time. They have done some great work educating viewers about the GLBs–I don’t follow the show enough to know how their coverage of the T’s is.

  • donald

    Elizabeth Hasselback is an ignorant, humorless hypocrite. The reason she was so tight lipped is she knew she KG would cream her in an instant.

  • Black Pegasus

    Kathy for the Win!

  • Lisa

    This thread is exactly why they keep EH around. She has people talking and watching

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