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Katy Perry Ejaculates Fireworks Onto Gay Boys Everywhere

Katy Perry, America’s leading fraudulent gay advocate, releases (or “leaked”) the music video for “Firework,” which is a documentary about the hazards of focusing too much attention on one’s breasts (FTC Warning: they explode in a dazzling fireworks display). The video features vignettes of young people feeling bad about themselves, and then not feeling bad about themselves, including a gay boy who scores a kiss, so that’s sort of sweet. She dedicated the video to the It Gets Better Project, which is sort of sweet. But I’m also quite tired of this woman — who uses the word “gay” as an insult — trying to mount an entire gay anthem discography.

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  • Nathan

    Jesus, the “gay insult” song was totally done jokingly… get a sense of humor.

  • Alex

    sommmebody wansta be lady gaga….

  • Kamikapse


    Yeah right.. all those insensitive gay teens that committed suicide recently should have just gotten a sense of humour!!111

  • Meher Zaman

    Women can’t ejaculate. LOL.

  • GlacierGuy

    At least she is doing ‘something’ and not just sitting on the sidelines! She’s an artist, so let her do what she does best……PERFORM! We need everybody we can get to stand up for us or we will never win this battle!

  • Soupy

    Actually, woman can ejaculate:

    “Female ejaculation (commonly known as gushing, cumming or squirt) refers to the expulsion of noticeable amounts of clear fluid by human females from the paraurethral ducts through and around the urethra during or before orgasm. The exact source and nature of the fluid continues to be a topic of debate among medical professionals and is related to doubts over the existence of the G-Spot.”

  • Devonasa


    Suuuure, cause the last time I checked Lady GaGa did something like this in her video…and not throwing half-naked men in high-heels saying it’s for the gays, and making out with some random woman with product placement in tow, oh wait the latter is exactly what she did.

    And if anything, she Katy would be copying Christina..who did this like 8 years ago.

    I give Katy props, people can bring up all they want her past mistakes, but the point is she is doing something NOW and sending out a positive message and should be applauded for it. At least we have high profile people put there using their celebrity for good.

  • lxwkl31

    @Alex: Bull, lady gaga is a totally separate person, katy perry doesn’t show up to award shows wearin meat, or “die” on stage. Katy’s an awesome b*tch, i give her props as well! And and grow up you people who say that the song ur so gay was insulting! Hell be proud of it! Thats what we’re known for right? Pride? I believe in what Katy is doin, hell, at least she is trying damn.We need to stop turning away supporters out there! And besides, personally, i think lady gaga is a fame junkie, she needs rehab more than miss lohan

  • Kevin

    You are all missing the real point. Katy Perry just released a song that doesn’t suck. I, for one, am shocked.

  • Jon B

    @Kevin: OMG, you totally stole my comment! This is easily her best song to date… and somehow it seems less autotuned/produced… probably my ears playing tricks, but whatever. Cute video too. I don’t see the point of complaining about this one… Peacock, on the other hand…

  • Yuki

    Cute video and great song, IMO.

    And I honestly have no problem with UR So Gay. It’s tongue-in-cheek and making fun of stereotypes.

  • Chris

    At what point in the Ur so Gay song did she say it was a bad thing?

    and ummmmm this video would be epic if she sparks weren’t coming out of her damn chest. wtf? if they were coming up from behind her it’d be a lot more epic and less gagaclone (i.e.
    been there done that.

  • Benjamin

    Here’s the best quality verson I’ve been able to find, in HD:

  • David

    Great song for the dance floor. And she is so gorgeous in this video.

  • brandon

    um. from what ive read in this thread so far. katy perry is the latest artist to copy lady gaga.. haha, ya’ll are joking right? not everyone is trying to be like that woman. and lets not forget, katy perry is a song writer and has been for the past 10 years, writing for EVERYONE in the industry. girl is talented. anywayyysss love the video. love the supposed “gaga” inspired fireworks and the gay boys are adorable. peace :)

  • matthew

    sounds like shes copying kelly clarkson to me-whatever happened to her?

  • Enlio

    Sometimes I get the feeling Queerty’s writers are a bunch of bitchy queens.

    Rockin’ song from Katy, great message!

  • Thomas Marx

    Am I the only one who thinks the fireworks are coming from her heart? I mean, since she does mention the light coming from your heart or something in the song?

  • emily

    @Nathan: i tottaly agree

  • lisa

    @Alex: She is Nothing like Lady Gaga. She is Way better. She’s very inspirational unlike Lady Gaga who wore a dress of meat that could have fed other people starving xP

  • linda

    2 gay kissing so NOT cool, whats the point.

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