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Katy Perry, Fake Gay Advocate, Sings a High School Bully Theme Song

Katy Perry, whose entire obnoxious career is one big scripted event, held true to her rehearsed lines while performing at Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, Calif, her alma mater. Apparently way back when, she tried hooking up with the star football quarterback Shane Lopes, but he rejected her, and she just happened to spot him in the audience, so she totally got back at his rejecting her by performing the song called “Ur So Gay.” This woman is a nightmare.

“Is that Shane Lopes?” asked Perry upon “spotting” her former crush, WHICH TOTALLY WASN’T A STAGED EVENT AT ALL. “You were the most popular kid in my class! But you never wanted to date me, it was always Amanda Wayne. Oh yeah, you really chose right honey. What’s up. What’s up now, player. I’m going to dedicate this next one to Shane Lopes everyone.”

And that’s when she delivered “Ur So Gay,” clearly a ringing endorsement of the type of language regularly used in high school against the very community she claims to be an advocate for.

Katy Perry, you’re terrible.

But not just because you’re throwing around the word bullies use — at a freakin’ high school, a place where LGBT kids leave and then kill themselves after such taunts. But because you just released this video talking about how your fans will ditch you if you were ever untrue to them by being so poseur. Which, uh, you completely are.

We’ve already seen GLAAD get on Katy’s case after her transphobic tweet last year. Is it time for Round 2?


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  • CJ

    Madonna actually cosigned that song “UR So Gay” before she dropped her debut album so blame her.

  • jason

    Katy Perry is a cunt.

  • Matt

    Can I have those 3 minutes of my life back

  • jason

    You mean Cunty Katy can actually sing?

  • jason

    Don’t forget that it was fake gay advocates like MTV and Rolling Stone magazine who have enabled Katy Perry. You guys also need to turn your ire onto MTV and Rolling Stone.

  • mountainword

    Hello – 14:59 on her fame clock!

  • Atlanta guy

    Does anyone even care about this wretched woman anymore?
    She is no longer even relevant–just look the sales of her latest CD.
    “Song of the Summer”–then flatline when the entire CD is released.
    Now THAT is an accomplishment.

  • Lamar

    So a guy is gay because he chose to date someone other than her? funny that because if a girl chooses to date a particular guy she isn’t called a dyke. Perry is actually encouraging the use of the word gay to mean anything negative and that’s just evil;

  • rf

    heard at a random Queerty editorial meeting: “Katy Perry sucks. quick get this vid of davey wavey picking his toenails up stat!”

  • MMDD

    If a male artist publicly called out and humiliated a female former love interest, he would be sliced, diced, chopped up into small pieces, and fed to the sharks. But a female artist can do this and everybody raves how awesome and “empowering” it is. The flagrant double standards in this society absolutely amaze me. Pretty women really CAN get away with anything, can’t they?

  • Kieran

    Wait a minute people. Before we all attack this girl for being a talentless, homophobic bimbo, have we officially ascertained whether or not she’s Liberal Democrat? Because if she’s Liberal Democrat than she was obviously just joking and we should just laugh it off and move on.

  • Steve

    Who now?

  • Swedish Fish

    She sounds like she’s on a drunken tirade.

  • Tommy

    I think the hatred against Katy is really crazy. It shows our community at its worst and most mean spirited. Her song U R So Gay does not say her ex-boyfriend was gay as in he was attracted to other guys, but that he acted feminine in wearing eye liner and being a cry baby and all emo.
    Katy is a nice girl who makes fun pop music. That’s all. Attack some actual homophobes for a change.

    As far as her humiliating her boyfriend and it being praised, males have been criticized for doing that to females but we in the gay community love it when a guy humiliates and gets revenge on his ex-boyfriend. Everyone loved it when Boy George humiliated his ex-boyfriend, Jon Moss the drummer in Culture Club by attacking him over and over again. Everyone said isn’t George so funny and clever and great.

  • Kip

    Relax – I think it’s a hoot and nothing a gay man wouldn’t do to an ex…get off your high horses.

  • MMDD

    @Tommy: Tommy, give me ONE EXAMPLE of a male artist publicly calling out and humiliating a female and not getting fried alive for it. And for what it’s worth, I’ve never heard Boy George praised for his criticisms of Jon Moss. (God knows Boy George has enough problems of his own.)

  • Cindy

    >If a male artist publicly called out and humiliated a female former love interest, he would be sliced, diced, chopped up into small pieces, and fed to the sharks.

    Oh brother. Rock music is essentially dedicated to men bitching about how their women done them wrong. Hell, there’s an entire genre of it…the blues.

    You should get out more.

  • Charlie-o

    Hey, Tommy – maybe I don’t understand what you’re saying. It seems like you think it’s not OK to insult someone by calling them gay if they’re attracted to the same sex. But it is OK to insult them by callling them gay if they act feminine, wear eye makeup and they’re emotional. I just don’t get why it’s OK to use gay as an insult no matter what the reason.

  • Enron

    Just looking at Shane Lopes face, you can bet he had a hot body, abs, pecs and biceps, not to mention a bubble B with some strong calves on top of it. Katy must have look like the awkward dork back in high school no one wanted to to touch with a 10 foot pole, much less a 7 inch el pene.

  • MMDD

    @Cindy: I do get out, Cindy…and you need to get over yourself. Rock music is dead, and today’s so-called “rockers” are totally castrated. Give me an example of one male performer over the past 20 years who bitches about and criticizes women and doesn’t get slammed for it. Just one.

  • adman

    I swear I’ve never understood this “bond” that gay guys have with their straight female friends. Fag hag, whatever, I never had one. When it comes to straight women and their cuisinart-like emotional states, the manipulation they thrive on, etc, I wear a smile and carry a dagger. Hetero-women think one thing of us, “defective”, and we should know that by now. At work I never let them see my back, and I’ve lasted this long doing business with them, but “friends”? Hell no, I don’t know how any Queer could be that stupid.

  • kenny

    You know I read what she said about gay marriage on the Advocate and respected what she said.But after this fuck her Katy Perry is nothing more then a bigoted bitch who uses the word gay consistently in a negative context perpetuating hatred homophobia and ignorance.Anyone who supports this girl is sadly blind to see that shes just using the gay community period.Unlike Lady Gaga she perpetuates gay stereotypes and ignorance.While Lady Gaga spreads the message of love and acceptance.What a bitch= Katy.

  • Seriously

    What was the point of this article? *rolls eyes* Just another pissed off gay blogger.

  • Alex

    hahah, you’re so right!

    katy perry represents everything about straight women that drives me crazy. I can’t wait until she’s irrelevant.

  • Dan

    Since California law bans sexual orientation discrimination by schools, I hope a gay kid in the audience sues the school for millions of dollars for booking/permitting such a discriminatory entertainment act. The school is not above the law.

  • Andy

    @Enron: I’m glad someone is mentioning how great Shane looks. That should not be forgotten in this tragedy.

  • KLP

    @Lamar: Really? some LGBT people are like republicans.. you claim something that was never yours to begin with and get pissed off when people don’t respect your fake claims.

    Personally as a Lesi4Life I find it ridiculous that we are making a big deal out of the word gay. It was not a homosexual term to begin with .. just some great homesexual of yesteryear decided to change Websters dictionary definition from happy and jovial to homosexual. So blame that person if anything for claiming rights to a word. Now someone else wants to change the definition and suddenly the ‘gay’ community has a tiff. Give it a rest already. Spend less time obsessing about words and more time teaching young LGBT kids that words hold no weight if you give them no power. Self-confidence and Pride in who you are makes the difference. Call me a Dyke I will say yes I am thanks for noticing and I’ll call you a Dick cause it makes me smile.. Call me a fag I will smile and say ahh you love me enough to give me a pet name…then I’ll call you a fuckhead.. rubber glue.. grow up already

  • MMDD

    @KLP: And I’ll bet if people were going around saying “you’re so lesbian” to mean “you’re lame, pathetic, unappealing, etc.,” you’d be singing a totally different tune, hon.

  • MMDD

    @adman: I love my straight female friends and wouldn’t trade them for the world. They treat me as an equal, not defective. To me there’s a world of difference between a fag hag who collects token gay boys and a cool, supportive, straight female friend.

  • KLP

    @MMDD: Nope I wouldn’t because Lesbian was a term made to define homosexual females.. it had no other meaning prior.. but that isn’t the point.. I don’t care about labels .. I will love who I want and those who don’t like me don’t need to concern themselves.. they need to feed egos with hate.. take the power out of it .. you know how to really annoy a troll.. acknowledge and move on .. “Your a fag slut whore lesbian…” “Really? oh I think you forgot dumb bitch dyke too… glad I could help you complete your life long dream of attempting to insult a stranger” I have been Gay bashed but the difference is I know who I am because I had parents who taught me to take pride in self worth and knowing what matters is those who truly matter.

    “Those that mind, don’t matter…Those that matter, don’t mind.”

  • desdemona

    She is a sellout and a hypocrite.

    After she didn’t get rich & famous from being a christian singer, she sold her soul & exploited the gay community with ‘i kissed a girl’. Hypocrite b/c she has the nerve to critisize lady gaga saying what she did in her ‘alejandro’ video was ‘something that she just like…wouldn’t do’.. no katy, you’ll just pretend ur bi and shoot whipped cream out of your titties.

    She is perpetuating double standards with these songs and her stupid comments- it’s edgy and sexy for a girl to kiss other girls, but for a guy to be sensitive is pathetic and he’s GAY!

    Then she has the nerve to talk about her music like it’s changing the world. She’d be laughable if she wasn’t so stupid & offensive.

  • MMDD

    @KLP: Gay women have your own word you can use if you choose (lesbian); but we gay men have NO other word we can fall back on as a positive description of who we are. That’s fine if words and labels don’t matter to you, but they do matter to a lot of us who struggled for years just to be able to say the word “gay” out loud. Words hold a lot of power whether you want to acknowledge that or not.

  • Swedish Fish

    @adman: Well no wonder you don’t have any female friends… Put some adult pants on and try to judge people on a case-by-case basis instead of using a blanket line of logic for an entire sex.

    Or, to put it in other words… Stop acting like a judgmental asshole.

  • kenny


    With all due respect you really should not be telling anyone here to grow up.Yes words DO have power think about this the word kike nigger cunt those words have power they do affect and they hurt .I even hated writing those words because I was raised better then that.Oh and I have tried what you said it may work for you but it doesn’t work for everyone .For example if I was black and someone said *excuse what I am about to write once again* that I was a nigger that would offend me because I know that african americans have gone through a lot and even more so in the gay community being persecuted not only for the color of their skin but also their sexual orientation.You just do not get it yes we can take the power away from people who think the words will affect us but they still affect they still hurt they still have an impact regardless of the rationalizations we make up in our own minds.

    Katy Perrys Ur So Gay is a negative song about it being wrong to be gay ive heard the song many times and ive heard nothing but negativity in the song.Then to make matters worse she then goes in front of a school where there are sure to be some LGBT students who go there and then sings a song directed towards the guy that didn’t give her the time of day with Ur So Gay.She meant it as an INSULT there was nothing positive in that song about our community the song was vehemently homophobic period.

    I respect your point of view but you shouldnt be going around telling people to grow up because words DO have power and when they are used to negatively impact people like our community for example that is crossing the line.

  • Dallas David

    I have no idea who she is.
    I love big band music, and Motown, espcially the Supremes.

    Much more entertainment than that, and I’d have an aneurism.

    lol . . .

  • Lamar

    @KLP: Everyone knows that ‘fag’ on ‘dyke’ are not on the same level in terms of meaning. Apples and oranges. Lesbians are not persecuted nearly as much as gays so I’m not surprised you are so dismissive of Katy’s homophobic song.

  • kabukiscarab

    @MMDD: Kanye West and Taylor Swift any thing Eminem has ever said need I go on.

  • KLP

    @MMDD: Sorry but I think you are missing my point..

    What is wrong with saying ” I like boys” or “I’m Queer”(side note: queer was also another word that was adopted by LGBT community “we’re here queer” campaign) Which btw started with a negative connotation by normal definition.. it is all identity politics which was and always will be started by the LGBT community

    If you are dying to have a single word label your orientation.. why not petition the LGBT rights groups like GLADD to come up with a new word one that never had a meaning, one to solely define the Male homosexual movement. Then there will for the first time be a word in the dictionary that completely was created to define a group of people.

    People are so afraid of change it ruins the best things in life .. people want to box themselves in with a label .. I don’t understand that. If I decide(god help me if I do) one day to sleep with a man .. I don’t think for a second I would change my labels around just so people can define me.

    My point is until we as a community spend less time giving power to these people who use the words in a negative fashion and more one education about pride and how to deal with harassment .. we will never evolve. Reason why we can not get rights.. most are too afraid to admit to themselves who they are or show in public who they choose to love. Stop the focus on the negative illuminate the positive…..

  • KLP

    @Lamar: FYI I never once said I care about Katy Perry or her music.. I only came here because Yahoo only had part of the clip about her calling out the old crush and I wanted to see the whole thing.. I have never bought her music or most of the pop music out there.. I honestly come from a family that would rather I listen to artists like Corinne Bailey Rae and Joss Stone, bluesy jazz, sultry R&B, and even a lil country realism than some stupid songs about Telephones and Teenage Dreams and some chick named AMY.

    WHy is it gay men think that Lesbians get any less detrimental treatment? Honestly if you are a lipstick lez yes it is somewhat easier but if you are a butch you are gay bashed just as much as a male homosexual. the whole “my people get treated worse than yours” .. is why things will never change…

  • prohomo

    @KLP: I appreciate and admire your thicker skin, sister, but words do have power to really hurt and heal, destroy and empower.

  • KLP

    @prohomo: But that is my point.. they spent millions making those “saying gay that way is wrong” commercials that passed like a silent fart in the wind.. really what they should be doing is promoting the positive image of the word gay with that money.. I mean look how long it took for people to stop thinking you could catch aids if an HIV positive person hugged you. We need more positive spotlights .. not 1 mil youtube hits on this chick with the annotation that she is a horrible person for her choices.. I mean it is just hate advocating hate at this point.

    But maybe I am too much of a forward thinker to be stuck in the past

  • adman

    @Swedish Fish: MMMMkay. I have plenty of female friends, they tend to be gay. The straight ones are my sisters, (we’re very close, most of the time) and my sisters friends. They come around for the holiday parties, that kind of thing, but I wouldn’t consider them friends, since friends are supportive people in your life.
    But now that you mention it, me and the partner are kind of lacking the femme gene, and are thus a little too butch, maybe these women just don’t care for that. I know they don’t seem interested in our life’s details etc., it’s just more about making nice, etc. Now the Lesbians in my life, we are all involved in the same activities, activism, etc. So maybe we have more in common. That, and straight women tend to be more mercenary in their interests with no apologies needed.

  • truthteller

    I too admire your coping mechanism and self esteem, but words do have power and they can build or destroy…Billy Lucas.

    An engine search (not google, they’re evil!) for teens who hung themselves, because of gay bulling, resulted in 1,500 hits.

    You are correct that words change meaning, like bad used to be bad then good, and cool used to be cold then hip. The n word is going through a fight to be redefined, but it is being redefined by the community affected by it, not by outsiders.

    Using a word that identifies a group of people, be it for their ethnicity or sexual orientation, as an insult is not acceptable.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Listen you stupid child, if it weren’t for the queers of “yesteryear” you would not have the freedom you have today.

    If it were not for the queers of “yesteryear” taking a word associated with joy–gay–and replacing the word that meant a clinical, and diseased condition–homosexual–people like you would be either in a loveless opposite sex marriage today, or in a psychiatric ward getting electroshock therapy.

    Imbeciles like you are welcome to spend your days trying to convince your het friends and family that you are just like them, and nothing like “us”. But don’t act like you’ve done a damn thing to advance queer culture, or equality, when all you’ve done is benefit from the work of the people who cam before you.

    Whatever you may think, words mean things. And considering that anti-gay slurs are the last thing a bashing victim hears before being beaten, or murdered, don’t use you Psyche 101 babble here to dismiss genuine concern over a celebrity propagating the use of gay as a pejorative.

    WHy is it gay men think that Lesbians get any less detrimental treatment?

    You do realize you’re talking about Katy Perry, who built her career on a song about kissing a girl, and claiming to be bi, don’t you? Conversely, Adam Lambert is banned from all ABC shows, for kissing a boy on stage. Tell me again how lesbians have it so hard.

    But maybe I am too much of a forward thinker to be stuck in the past

    You know what they say about learning from the past. then again, I doubt you know much of anything.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    some LGBT people are like republicans.. you claim something that was never yours to begin with and get pissed off when people don’t respect your fake claims

    You mean like hets took the word “queer” and used it to describe us?

    Considering straight people have been labeling us since 1888, I think it’s wonderful that we decided to take a word to describe ourselves, and use it. Now hets have decided to take the word we use, and use it against us as a slur–again.

  • Mike

    Katy Perry is a homophobic moron. End of story.

    If she had sung a song saying ‘You’re such a black’ and then giggled and said ‘Oh I’m not racist, black just means rubbish’ there would be no babble about double-meanings and reclaiming words.

  • MMDD

    @Cindy: Bravo. One obscure song from 1998 that hardly anybody has heard.

  • AC Walker

    @KLP: Lesbian didn’t have another meaning? That will certainly shock the current residents of that little inconsequential Greek island.

  • Yuki


    I think the song is hilarious. I see no reason to get so worked up about something that’s meant to poke fun at stereotypes when we have more important things to consider.

  • jason

    U R Such a Negro, U R Such an Asian, U R Such a Jew….

    Katy Perry, U R Such a Douchebag.

  • alan brickman

    He’s cute. she isn’t and she’s homophobic…nuff said…

  • Superman

    @MMDD: [Post No. 29] Just wait, baby. Just wait. Those claws will come out eventually.

  • KLP

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: your just a moronic troll .. that is all I can see there .. you obviously did not read all of my statements therefore you are like a majority who see what they want and jump to their conclusions..

    people like you are why the world doesn’t change ..

    I never said anything bad about the pioneers who paved the way .. but I did make this as a note about the ones of today who are still riding those coattails of the past and not moving forward and instead continuing the path and making new routes to the future we all envision.

    Martin Luther King never spoke i’ll of whites now did he .. he championed for his cause promoting positivity and not hatred .. he may have died but his death helped user a change .. most of the leaders that are remembered for their ability to change the world did so with positive outlooks.. not crying about how it is and the poor me syndrome.

    and I repeat in an enigmatic tone: Stop using lipstick lesbos as your point of reference. and I am not saying males get it less or something like that but why is it some stupid “I get bashed more contest?” really it is suppose to be a community but like any social circle you will have the self-deprecating antagonistic assholes like yourself who would rather point fingers than make a change.

    P.S. you have no idea who I am in RL but lets just say I have done more in one day for the LGBT community than you have in your whole entire existence. So rant on about how you have been wronged while I advocate a positive image of LGBT’s and try to move forward instead of crying about how unfair the media is ..

    And with that I leave you:

    Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.

    Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

    And MOST importantly:

    Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek.

  • Harmony

    @FoolMe1: Maybe so, but she has mocked transsexuals too, and bisexuals.

  • Lane

    I think it was mean. What if the guy was really gay and was in the closet in high school. Not wanting to date someone while you were in high school is not an excuse to be nasty and humiliate the guy. She is marrying Russell Brand so she has no room to talk since he is so not cute.

  • Alexa Xtravaganza

    Lighten up! She’s an entertainer. Please find inspiration from great thinkers, philosophers, spiritual leaders. Not from pop singers. There is still time to save this generation from cultural death!

  • L.

    @KLP: The “n-word” wasn’t a slur to start with either, so you’re suggesting it’s OK to use it?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    your just a moronic troll ..

    Ha! Brilliant. The troll telling us to ignore name calling, is suddenly name calling. Priceless.

    that is all I can see there .. you obviously did not read all of my statements therefore you are like a majority who see what they want and jump to their conclusions..

    I did manage to make it through all the absurd statements you made, most of which are based on nothing more than your opinion.

    people like you are why the world doesn’t change ..

    And people like you are why American queers still have not reached equality. You ignore the wrongs committed against us, and expend your energies chastising queers for speaking out against abusive language.

    I never said anything bad about the pioneers who paved the way ..

    Yes you did.


    Here it comes.

    I did make this as a note about the ones of today who are still riding those coattails of the past and not moving forward and instead continuing the path and making new routes to the future we all envision.

    Please provide evidence that we are not moving forward. We are today, building on the foundation of equality that our queer brothers, and sisters set upon as early as the late 1800’s.

    That you cannot see that proves that you are more concerned with putting queers in our place.

    Martin Luther King never spoke i’ll of whites now did he ..

    Seriously? MLK spoke well of those non-blacks who helped fight for equality. And he equally chastised those non-whites who either sat apathetically, or fought against them.

    he championed for his cause promoting positivity and not hatred ..

    He told people to rise up and pursue their own equality, not to wait and have it handed to them. He knew the waiting game would deliver not one iota of equality.

    he may have died

    Murdered. Just like Harvey Milk.

    but his death helped user a change ..

    So, you think we should all be dead martyrs?

    most of the leaders that are remembered for their ability to change the world did so with positive outlooks.. not crying about how it is and the poor me syndrome.

    With that one statement, you have proven that not only are you ignorant of history–yours, and others–but you are ignorant of the queer equality movement of today.

    If you really believe that American queers are sitting around crying, “Woe is me!”, than you need to walk away from your computer, and actually go out in the real world and see what queer activists are doing on a daily basis.

    and I repeat in an enigmatic tone:

    I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    Stop using lipstick lesbos as your point of reference.

    Ok. Ellen Degeneres; Jane Lynch.

    and I am not saying males get it less or something like that but why is it some stupid “I get bashed more contest?”

    You started this line of argument, darling. Rather than answer another posters reply, YOU played the victim card. Woe is you.

    really it is suppose to be a community but like any social circle you will have the self-deprecating antagonistic assholes like yourself who would rather point fingers than make a change.

    Stop using words, and phrases that you clearly don’t understand the meaning of.

    That said, the queer community also has your type of personality–everything straights do it fine. Everything queers do–especially gay men–is wrong.

    P.S. you have no idea who I am in RL but lets just say I have done more in one day for the LGBT community than you have in your whole entire existence.

    On the internet, people can be anything. Sadly, you are a classic Walter Mitty character, living a fantasy as you go along. If your comments here are representative of the work you do for the queer community at large, I have no longer to wonder why we have not advanced further. With friends like you…

    So rant on about how you have been wronged while I advocate a positive image of LGBT’s and try to move forward instead of crying about how unfair the media is ..

    Get down off the cross, we need the lumber.

    And with that I leave you:

    Thank God.

    Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability…Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek.

    Did you even bother to read those quotes before you copied, and pasted them? They completely contradict the arguments you’ve put forth here!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    And he equally chastised those non-whites who either sat apathetically, or fought against them.

    Should read non-blacks. But truthfully, he did chastise the black Americans who would rather sit at the back of the bus, than fight for equality.

  • Sexy Rexy

    Chelsea Handler does the same shit on her fast-getting-tiresome TV show. She’s always accusing her male panelists (who are always funnier than her) of being gay and she is always making jokes about gays and lesbians in a OTT manner.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    While I love California Girls like any good gay, Katy herself is rude, loud and obnoxious. And the worst part? I saw her recently on the Graham Norton Show and she now has a British accent. Bitch please! You’ve been engaged to a Brit and living there for a few months! At least Madonna had the decency to wait until she was a legend before she got the stick up her ass and the accent to go with it…

  • Yellow Bone

    @Sexy Rexy: Somehow the gay community gives Chelsea Handler a pass for her racism and her homophobia.

  • Dollie

    I was always surprised that the community took to her so quickly. As a queer woman, “I Kissed A Girl” did nothing for me. I’m not greatly peeved by straight women pulling the same-sex experimentation card, but I couldn’t get over lyrics like “it’s not what good girls do” and “it felt so wrong.” And when I first heard this “UR So Gay” song, I was greatly troubled by the content (and her refusal to spell out “you’re”). Wasn’t she over-the-top offensive from the start? Are we really surprised by this new stunt?

    On a different, but not entirely unrelated note, I am baffled that the community has a tendency to cling to these flashy divas who may or may not be “friends of the family,” while completely rejecting openly/proudly gay, male, mainstream artists like Adam Lambert?

  • Aplus

    I just don’t get it, but nonetheless you suck katy…

  • SomethingElse

    I guess she’s still so-not-over the moppy-haired hunk.

  • Jen

    @Dollie: Exactly! Well said!

  • MMDD

    @Dollie: Excellent post, Dollie. I totally agree with you about being more supportive of openly gay male artists, although I think Adam “I’m gay but love sticking my tongue in girls’ mouths every chance I get” Lambert is a poor example of an “out and proud” gay man. My pick would be guys like Dustin Lance Black, John Barrowman, Sam Harris, and Cheyenne Jackson.

  • Arek

    I dislike Katie since I’ve first heard of her, that being “I Kissed A Girl” – the song is affront to being gay, and I am by no means a militant homosexual. I always thought she was a fake, manufactured ‘rock star’: vapid and soul-less.

  • Hilarious

    @Sexy Rexy: That’s what I don’t get.

  • prohomo

    @alan brickman: You’re crazy. She’s gorgeous (he too). I wouldn’t exactly call her homophobic.

  • jason


    You make a fascinating point. Gay men seem to cling to these half-naked, “bisexual” females more than they do to genuinely gay or bisexual men. I personally believe it’s a sign of massive dysfunctionality within the gay male community.

    I’m sort of reminded of the fascination that gay men have for men who dress up as women. I used to go to a gay bar that had drag acts every Saturday night. It was truly fascinating – and disturbing – watching gay men become so fixated on watching a man dressed as a woman miming to bad music.

    It’s an incredibly sad and disturbing reflection on gay men in general, I think.

  • Yellow Bone

    @prohomo: what would you call someone who, at any chance she can get, mocks LGBT people?

  • Billy

    Forward this message on to your friends, and she won’t have any hits going forward.

  • SBC19

    Woo-Hoo! Go Katy Perry. It’s her music, she can sing about whatever she wants however she wants. If you have such a fucking problem with her content, implication or the fact that she’s not ass-kissing enough for you, then go listen to shlocky Gaga.

  • jason

    When Katy Perry sings, it sounds like someone is peeing in a toilet.

  • Mark in Oz

    In my own opinion, this girl is a no talent hack. Saw her on television here in Australia and not impressed at all. She needs to go away.

  • Kieran

    It’s clear that while instructive, educational programs that children like Katy grew up on, like ‘Sesame Street’, have helped tremendously to teach them how abhorrent and unacceptable racism is, they have FAILED miserably to teach them about homophobia. We need to demand that schools and educational programming in this country address the issue of sexual orientation among our children so that they don’t grow up being taught that ‘gay’ is the worst insult you can hurl at somebody.

  • alan brickman


  • Mike in London

    Personally I have one thing to say about this person.

    Katy .. who ?

  • alan brickman

    I’ve noticed most women do this….basically man hate lite….

  • matt

    This bitch is the total fit of the word “C#N#”… entertainer is not fit for someone like this. She does not deserve the credits she is given. She complains and downgrades anyone that supports our community (Gaga or Maddon).. but then does something like this. She is a total two faced bitch!

  • The Real SBC19

    @SBC19: Okay first of all, I (the REAL SBC19) did not post this. Apparently someone — who probably disliked something I previously posted — decided that it would be cute to mock my name with an incendiary post; most likely in a wasteful attempt to incite ill-will against me from others. They know who they are, and I have a pretty good idea too.

    That’s all. Carry on.

  • obiwan

    Some people, like Katy Perry, never grow out of being in high school.

  • mikey

    @MMDD: very true about the double standards in society, diss a man, and this is seen as empowering to the woman (talk about cutting a man’s balls off), jokingly diss a woman, be prepared for the hell that you’ll raise. Remember the movie “My Super Ex-girlfriend” and how Uma was roughing up Luke’s character. Now say it was the other way round, mmmmhh…

  • Rinnie


    I stumbled on this article accidentally and was reading comments…um…can we stop with the “straight women” bashing? There is this huge myth perpetuated that we go around saying “my gays” if we have gay friends, or that we all think you’re like handbags that we need to collect, etc. I have never heard a real life female other than Kathy Griffith use “the gays” or “my gays” etc.

    Blah blah blah.

    I don’t call my gay friends “my gays” or “the gays” or any generalizing block.

    I don’t show off my gay friends like they’re more special, better, cooler, or kitchier than anyone else.

    I don’t say: Oooooh, there’s a gay guy let me be his friend so I can seem chic or some shit.

    I was, however, that chick in high school that befriended the gay kids when the STRAIGHT GUYS picked on them, bullied them, tripped them, left dog shit in their lockers, etc. I was that chick who felt sorry that these kids were non-stopped persecuted and made friends with them and defended them even when it meant I would be picked on, too.

    I didn’t do it so I could be considered “cool” some day, and I certainly didn’t think gay kids were worse OR better than anyone else.

    Since you are bitching about straight females…

    How many straight females kicked your ass in school?
    How many straight females chased you around school calling you faggot?
    How many straight females threw a hissy fit over your being in their locker room?

    Just curious because the people I see acting like assholes to gays usually are straight guys with dickheads for fathers or in the closet gay guys.

    Everyone says something or does something to offend someone at some point, so we should all look for the things people do right first. I mean you just generalized about females, right?

    Is she consistently a homophobic a-hole? Sheesh.

  • mikey

    i actually liked katy with her bubbly personality but after watching that vid, she needs some bitch slapping! she was probably just ur average looking gal and the most popular guy in school was more interested in the hotter cheerleaders!

  • mikey

    @KLP: i think your missing the point in the term “being so gay” the reason why guys get pissed off is because it is always used in a negative sort of way, it has nothing to do with labels at all.

  • Zaniell

    @adman: @jason: Why in the hell is it “disturbing” that gay men like transsexuals? You’re transphobic. There’re different flavors and kinds of gay men… some like masculine some like FEMMY. yep one should see gay men chasing gurls around klubs in SF hehehe

  • Zaniell

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Oh LOL plenty of str8 chicks pretend to be “bisexual” to work str8 men, Perry is just one of them. eww.

  • Zaniell

    @mikey: Let me explain why it often seems *like if* it’s ok for a woman to diss a man and not vice versa: men are more physically powerful than females and can hurt female opponent any time they want pretty much. They also have more endurance in general due to testosterone and better fighters. Unless you experienced both effects of testosterone and estrogen, you will never even BEGIN to comprehend this issue. This is a man’s world.

    Females live in the state of constant, horrible oppression (and often fear) all the time and experience violence and hatred of males in very high degree. (I’m intersexed person who was treated with both kinds of hormones and lived in both genders, so I can testify). Every woman experiences male misogynist violence from early age, degradation and hatred from them.

    Can females take a stroll in a forest alone? Hell nope. Alone walking dark steet? No. Females are groped and street harassed, discriminated at work, schools, housing, etc all the time by str8 males. So sometimes they’re given a levy in society to balance things out.

    The ONLY way I stay afloat and avoid being a victim of violence is maintaining extreme fitness and lifting weights all the time, so I don’t look like someone to mess with and I try to look like someone who’d take my attackers with me if I had 2 go down. I recommend all gay men and genetic and trans women get physically strong in case there’s a need for self-defense…as to Perry… whatever that quack says who cares she has no talent, I’d be embarassed if I listened to her songs, she doesnt exist for me really.

  • prohomo

    @Zaniell: very insightful and true, ZANIEL. Thank you.

  • Marcus

    Why in the world is this woman considered a ‘gay icon’? Faux bisexuality is so 2006.

  • LEXX

    I love Katy Perry and this makes me just love her more.

  • yogi

    she s obviously HOMOPHOBIC…shes an ugly fake piece of shit

  • saraah

    its funny how there is that movie “YOU AGAIN” in the backround…

  • Larry

    I guess Shane Lopes did make the right choice dating Amanda Wayne after all. Katy turned out to be a famous, self-absorbed bitch. I cannot believe Katy is still so upset about Shane wanting to date a different girl in high school that after all these years she would use her fame to try and humiliate him. And to use her Ur So Gay song to do it just astounds me. I USED to like her music, but after seeing this video of her, I can’t even stand to listen to her songs any more. Talk about a two-faced, conniving bitch. So long Katy.

  • Mike

    I find it disturbing that she chose to sing this song at a highschool with a student audience. Those students are going to leave the concert feeling like its cool to hate on the LBGT kids. Sorry, but this article is right. She was irresponsible with her fame. When you’re famous, especially a youthful celebrity like Katy, you become a role model for these kids. Her “whats up, whats up now playa” line was totally lame as well, I almost barfed.

  • Robyn

    Katy Perry’s BEST guy friend is gay. Maybe you remember him, he was the man dressed as a brides maid in her song “Hot n Cold”

  • shalalalalala

    I don’t understand how you can be this hateful. What you’re saying is so……..crude,so……blunt…..just awful. Why can’t we all just get along? Her song ”UR So Gay” is actually a lighthearted, sarcastic tune and melody. Not a homophobic rant.

  • shalalalalala

    @Zaniell: Do you know her personally?
    Were you at that high school?
    Do you know her family? Husband? Sister?
    How do you really know she’s homophobic?
    How did you find out that she’s a hateful, artificial, too-faced bitch?
    By magazines? Internet? Mean spirited articles like the one shown?
    You don’t know. I don’t know. So if you don’t who she really is, just leave the subject alone.

  • Love

    Actually, guys do tend to cry “dyke” when they’re rejected. It’s even been mocked in SNL and The Big Hit.

  • FruitFanatic KatyCat

    Wow! Is this a Katy Perry haters community? If so, oops, didn’t mean to join a haters club! I reckon that Katy was hilarious and what a good comeback for rejection. The thing that people do is take absolutely everything too seriously. Obviously Katy is just messing around and saying a joke. Everyone there even Shane knew deep inside not to take it seriously. Geez people, does there need to be a KatyCat on every single website to remind you that Katy is just a fun-loving, humourous, lively, happy gurl? I’m astonished about this as for you’ve most probably read and heard it a million times. Quit hating and wasting your life and go out and have fun. Don’t be a wicked old grumpy bitch/bastard. Hate is taking over your lives, stop now before you lose your discretion over it. Quick! you don’t have forever!
    – GG

  • Marco Almeida

    I know this is old news but…
    Queerty, Free of an Agenda! Right…

  • DarkZephyr

    Ha, its funny reading the “She’s a has been” and “She’s irrelevant” comments 3 years later and she’s still around and still quite successful.

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