Katy Perry Has Jungle Fever In New Music Video

It’s going to be a big week for Katy Perry. Her new single, “Roar,” has finally knocked “Blurred Lines” out of the top seat on the Billboard Hot 100 and she finally debuted her new music video. Perry is the new queen of the jungle as she kicks her man to the curb and enjoys life at the top of the food chain.


It’s a shame the man got the boot, because he was kind of cute. If you ignore the duck lips.


But what do you think? Is it too camp? Too George of the Jungle? Or is it everything you hoped for and more?

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  • tookietookie

    Overproduced, autotuned, synthesized nonsense.

  • boring

    There is literally nothing you could do to make me hit the play button.

  • Snapper59

    And you’re gonna here ME SNORE…..
    It’s always the KatyMileyGaga music channel around here. I don’t think I’m gay anymore.
    Why not a piece about the smokey voiced 16 year old new singer who does “We’ll Never Be Royals”? Does she not like homos? Well I like her.

  • redspyder

    Interesting that readers can comment on the vapidity of Miss Perry yet commenting on the Stoli Vote is disabled. Commenting about nonsense: endorsed. Commenting about Vodka makers who pretend to stand up for the LGBT community while pretending that they are NOT in actuality making millions in Mother Russia: Not allowed.

  • JDJase

    Well, either the headline was intentionally misleading, or the editors don’t know what “jungle fever” is. Now, where is that magical dragon named Puff?

  • CheriMcGill

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  • Ottoman

    Remember the good old days when Queerty used to hate on Katy Perry for being a fake and talentless opportunist. Wonder if queerty now makes money on promoting her music, the way they ,a&e money on supporting Russian sourced vodka.

  • BitterOldQueen

    Well that’s pretty dreadful. It’s not interesting, it’s not campily funny, and it’s not particularly well made. The song itself has always sounded to me like a dozen other self-realization anthems, only a little more boring and by-the-numbers. Yawn.

  • PatriciaDrummer

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