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Katy Perry Has Recruited Teenage Girls Into ‘Flexisexuality’

Move over, throuples: the hottest new craze in non-normative sexuality is “flexisexuality.” Supposedly being pushed by celebrity stains like Katy Perry, flexisexuals are girls who have no problem kissing other girls, but are only really interested in dating boys. So, um, did we just come up with a word to describe some pretty normal adolescent behavior? Sure sounds like it! Flexisexuality is, of course, just a media-hyped buzzword that can be used to explain to parents that when they catch their daughters kissing their female friends, it’s no big deal; they’ll be back on boys in no time. (It’s also a dating website.)

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  • the crustybastard

    Did Jason and his misogyny take the day off?


  • Steve

    “Heteroflexible” is another word for it. Simply people who identify nominally as heterosexual and only date opposite-sex people, but who wouldn’t be opposed to a same-sex encounter depending on the circumstances

  • Devon

    Do we really need a fancy, technical term for “attention whore?”

  • Red Meat

    can’t we just stick to bi or experimentation.

  • Rae108

    I vote hetroflexible or lesploitation

  • Vern

    @RAE: Lesploitation is the perfect word for this! You win!!

  • TommyOC

    @Rae108: You are a genius.

    Because this “flexisexuality” thing is beyond stupid. Another excuse to put labels on people and encourage them into corners.

  • GetBalance

    It’s stupid, That term’ll never stick.

  • Lornie_Chan

    This is so stupid, what a slap in the face to LGBT youths

    “hey if this girl can kiss other girls but still want to marry guys, why can’t all of them??”

    All teenagers experiment, but it should be to help them figure out who they are, not a craze.

    And also, just another way to “label” people, if katy perry wants to help, support LGBT.

  • shaquita

    Where is Jason? I’m surprised he hasn’t seen this? He is going to be pissed

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