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Katy Perry Posted a Transphobic Tweet, and GLAAD Didn’t Like It


Know what’s on the Internet? Photos of naked people. Know what’s also on the Internet? Annoying fake lesbian Katy Perry, who’s just given us a reason to finally push her off the “frenemies” list and into the “enemies” category, thanks to a transphobic tweet.

Oh Twitter, how you get the famous into trouble.

After spotting a naked photo of a trans person (hairy body + breasts), Perry uploaded the photo to TwitPic with this caption:


And what was the photo of?


(Click for the NSFW uncensored version)

Now GLAAD is all up in her shit about it, because it’s mean to say a birth control pill would cause something so, uh, “freaky.” (On closer inspection, it appears Perry was tweeting the photo to @MDMOLINARI, or Markus Molinari, seen here, and who appears, at least in his Twitter background photo, as a trans Katy Perry.)

But us? As ridiculous as Perry’s tweet is, it shows the hetero gal is quite unfamiliar with the LGBT community — once she felt comfortable exploiting in her rise to fame.

Which is fine. But we’re done with you, girl. Mostly because your music is TERRIBLE. But also, this.

We’ll leave you with this Perry quote: “I think certain parts of the word – especially in the U.S. – are just dying to be offended. I’m aware of people’s opinions, but I won’t change how I express myself as an artist.”