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Katy Perry Posted a Transphobic Tweet, and GLAAD Didn’t Like It


Know what’s on the Internet? Photos of naked people. Know what’s also on the Internet? Annoying fake lesbian Katy Perry, who’s just given us a reason to finally push her off the “frenemies” list and into the “enemies” category, thanks to a transphobic tweet.

Oh Twitter, how you get the famous into trouble.

After spotting a naked photo of a trans person (hairy body + breasts), Perry uploaded the photo to TwitPic with this caption:


And what was the photo of?


(Click for the NSFW uncensored version)

Now GLAAD is all up in her shit about it, because it’s mean to say a birth control pill would cause something so, uh, “freaky.” (On closer inspection, it appears Perry was tweeting the photo to @MDMOLINARI, or Markus Molinari, seen here, and who appears, at least in his Twitter background photo, as a trans Katy Perry.)

But us? As ridiculous as Perry’s tweet is, it shows the hetero gal is quite unfamiliar with the LGBT community — once she felt comfortable exploiting in her rise to fame.

Which is fine. But we’re done with you, girl. Mostly because your music is TERRIBLE. But also, this.

We’ll leave you with this Perry quote: “I think certain parts of the word – especially in the U.S. – are just dying to be offended. I’m aware of people’s opinions, but I won’t change how I express myself as an artist.”

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  • AndStuff

    The picture is gross. shave your back hair and be a respectable tranz. You are an adult, live like one and take care of yourself.. or at least post pictures where you look good. Why doesnt GLAAD worry about what they are doing to Kevin Jennings? Oh wait, lets worry about pop icons.

  • Alexa

    Finally she shows her true colors and proves what I’ve been saying about her for years. Maybe she’ll never again be picked as a gay icon of the year by a gay magazine like she was last year (though I’m not holding my breath on that one). Bitch needs to just go away.

  • Christopher Major

    Seriously? This what offends you? Get a grip. That’s not “trans hating.” Piss off Thought Police!

  • Josh NYC

    I’d rather dismiss GLAAD.

  • FakeName

    Can’t we just dismiss her because she’s an idiot and her “music” sucks donkey balls? I still want Jill Sobule to kick this bitch in the twat for besmirching the title “I Kissed a Girl”.

  • pc

    wtf? i was hoping for something substantial to justify my dislike for her but this is hardly it. conversely, it shows she’s kind of funny and maybe i will start liking her now. get over the excessive PC shit, that picture was taken for mocking.

  • Alexa

    Maybe so, PC, but a silly twit of a straight girl shouldn’t be the one doing the mocking.

  • ...

    Who didn’t dismiss her 6 months ago?

  • terrwill

    Kian where the hell are you?? : P

  • David

    Sorry, I don’t love her music, she’s kind of a hack…. but that photo is begging for negative comments. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes viral on the internet. It’s a classic.

  • drewbrown

    I also was hoping for a legitimate reason not like her… but this is just dumb and another overreaction on the part of the PC police. Lighten up… that photo is pretty scary, it deserves to be mocked.

  • David

    Mehh kind of stupid reason to hate someone, I still like her.

  • hardmannyc

    It’s a funny throwaway comment.

    As for the typical, unsuccessful snarky Queerty comment, you’ve obviously never seen her live. She’s an amazing performer. She’s also got a bitchin’ body.

    If anything, this tweet and her good-natured “get a life” response only makes her more of a gay icon.

  • James Davis

    Some thoughts.

    1. Yes Katy Perry needs to go away as she is the definition of a one hit wonder.

    2. Give me a break, who hasn’t sent a snarky text or tweet to a friend as a joke (which is exactly what her tweet appears to be). PC police need to stand down.

  • Jadis

    Fancy seeing YOU here, Terwill.

  • Tuca

    I’d rather dismiss GLAAD.

    So annoying this kind of attitude. Lame!

  • AlanInSLCutah

    Free will people and freedom of expression. Everyone is entitled to their own take on things and allowed their own sense of humor. What needs to happen is people need to chill the fuck out and get over things like this. It was not a personal attack, but a funny comment at a ridiculous picture meant to be laughed at and commented on. Everyone takes things so damn litteral when they should be lightening up and looking for the humor in things, regardless if they find the subjects funny or not. I’m getting sick of people not being able to find anything good about anyone else these days. Its just sad!

  • z

    Ohe of her songs is disgustingly heterosexist and another exploits female homosexuality for straight guys’ pleasure.

    Is there any reason to like her in the first place?

  • niles

    If you think that this is what you should be fighting for, go ahead. But you know what? That picture is ridiculous and grotesque. Ugly drag queens need to have their own PC enforcement squad and quit dragging everybody else into their squalid world.

  • Keith Brooks

    The comments on this post are quite transphobic. I have quite a few transgendered and transitioning friends and I believe it was in very bad taste of her to post this. It isolates her trans and GLB fans. I’m not sure how she found this photo (which I believe may have been a private one), but I think it is quite insensitive.

    And regarding the comments about GLAAD acting like thought police in this incident, here’s some First Amendment 101: Freedom of speech means you can say what you want, but others are equally FREE to criticize your speech.

  • Yoann

    I’m kinda shocked to see that many comments say “oh please that’s just a joke ! Be not PC” and other bullshits….
    If she made an homophobic comment, everyone would be pissed off (and that would be justified) : is transphobia cooler and/or funnier than homophobia ?
    lgbT ? Anyone ?

    And it’s not a PRIVATE joke if you tweet it !

  • Tara

    I am not surprised at all to see the comments here. I mean why should any of you care, it is only transpeople who she is making fun of right?

  • Josh

    I have seen this photo before, over a year ago and I think its probably fake. I was dating a transgendered girl at the time and even she got a laugh out of seeing it. Its just human nature to laugh at funny stuff. So everyone needs to calm down, being comfortable enough to joke without being hateful shows acceptance. I don’t see this being a hateful statement. More importantly I never liked Katy Perry or her music.

  • natt

    Thec first time i saw a pic of KP i thought she was a tranny. Seriously, from the neck up, she’s a drag queen & not a particularly good one.

  • Thom

    come on that picture makes me want to barf, that doesn’t make me transphobic and her comment doesn’t maker her transphobic either.

  • Bill

    I don’t hate Katie Perry because of this. Is she a rude, insensitive twat? Perhaps. But hate? Nah, why bother.

    But I do take umbrage with the fact that she was formerly a ‘Christian’ musician.

    Who was quite willing to sell out her religious beliefs to become a secular pop star by using her fake-lesbianism to get straight guy’s rocks off. Cuz remember folks, if a straight guy can masturbate to ejaculation over it, it’s A-OK. Any other form of sexuality – NO. (Do I small an Adam Lambert ballot initiative or referendum in the works??? I think so…)

    I wonder what the little baby Jesus would have to say to Katie Perry? ‘Go and sin no more’ or ‘What did you do with the money I gave you for singing lessons.’

    It is the ‘Christian’s’ willingness to act in direct discord with the tenants of Christianity in exchange for money and fame that really stick in my craw.

    Either way, Katie Perry will be Katie Who in no time.

    Her talent demands it.

  • Kian

    Hello Terrwill. Hope your holidays are going well. I’m glad to see that you’ve refrained from adding your own iffy comments. So thank you.

    As for Katy Perry, it seems like she’s trying to seem hip by making a sly reference to how hormones can fuck up your body. Unfortunately, she chose a picture of a transman. She should have just let her body hair grow and take a picture of herself, so we could laugh at how ridiculous she is. She sucks.

  • terrwill

    No. 27 · Kian: In the spirit of the holidays I am biting my tounge on that pic! : P

    The weird part is that person actually would not be a bad looking guy! Instead of holding oneself up to ridicule showing basically a bearded woman, why not simply take a picture with a shirt on??

  • LOL!

    OMG! I thought I was the only one who thought she was a tranny when I first saw her. Seriously, is therefore a difference between who and you know who?

  • Beck R

    Katy Perry is just another talentless drone. My opinion – she’s honestly not worth the time it would take to bitch her sorry ass out. I’m just glad she and fellow twat Russell (I’ll sleep with you then be so immature I’ll have to prank call your grand daddy with my fake TV friend Jonathon Woss) Brand got together. They are tooooo perfect together…. Georgina Bailey must be effing laughing her ass off….

  • Robert

    Why can’t we just hate her cause her music sucks dinosaur dick? Anyhow, she’s prolly showin’ her true colors the no talent vapid little tawt!

  • naghanenu

    That pix is freaky and gross though. I mean can the trans not shave…girls do not have that much body hair.

  • maribella

    #7 Alexa – oh, it’s because she’s STRAIGHT. i get it, straight people should hold their tongues while it’s perfectly acceptable for gay dudes to critisize women left and right. why? oh, because they “understand” women, and i suppose katy couldn’t possibly understand a transgendered person.

  • Alexa

    Where did I say anything about gay men, Maribella? Gay men should stfu about it as well. And as you seem to only have half a brain you should probably stfu as well.

  • staciegirlie

    You should have written her off after she released that song called, “You’re so Gay.”

  • [email protected]

    If people are putting forth the person in the pic as the representative of the trans community, it’s insulting to all the trans people that get their shit together before taking nude pics of themselves- we also don’t even know if this person is trans or a male-identified male with raging gynecomastia.

    I expected to see that she’d made a blanket statement about all trans people, not a comment about one in specific

  • Jaime

    that pic is fucking gross.

  • AJ

    The pic is of a trans man (female-to-male), you fucking transphobic idiots. He has clearly not had top surgery yet — maybe he can’t afford it, or maybe he doesn’t feel the need for it. What’s it to you? Assholes.

  • anonymouse

    The picture is gross.
    1) Fat
    2) Hairy
    3) Ugly

    I am totally allowed to have an opinion, even when it is a superficial one.

    As much as I don’t like Katy Perry, this is just a lot of misguided bitching. I have a feeling the person pictured would’ve laughed at the hormone-related birth control comment, anyhow. Who wouldn’t? Plus just because you have trans___ friends doesn’t mean you’re speaking for them.


  • tiny homes

    If she had not followed the regulations of the site, then I guess she deserves it. I think they will not spare it just because she is Katy Perry.

  • DRignoramuses

    Ok, everyone needs to just calm – their sh*t – DOWN. Whether Katy Perry’s comment was meant to be a sarcastic joke or completely serious, she has the right to express her opinion. Are you all free to criticize HER opinion with your OWN? Sure. But if you’re going to be attacking somebody for their point of view, then at least make sure you understand what it IS. Katy Perry’s not mocking that man’s sexuality/sexual preference, she’s mocking his sloppiness. If you’re gonna take a nude pic of yourself, then at least do it right! Also, if you put that NSFW pic online, you better be prepared for other people to JUDGE YOUR NAKED BODY! Hello! I doubt Katy’s got any problems with transsexuals, I think she has a problem with ugly people. It may not be PC, but hey, it’s honest. Do YOU look at that picture and think to yourself, “Wow, that’s HOT!!!”? Probably not.

  • Ousslander

    No. 35 is completely right but the majority of gays n the gay press gave her a pass becsuse she made a halfway decent hit. Love that flavour of the month. At any cost!!!!

  • maribella

    #34-Alexa No, what you said was, “…a silly twit of a STRAIGHT girl shouldn’t be the one doing the mocking.” i was clearly commenting on your use of the word “straight”, you fkn doofus, as it is obviously what bothers you. i suppose if she were a lesbian, it wouldn’t matter as much?
    mocking is mocking no matter if katy perry or beth ditto is the one doing it.

  • Mark

    THIS is what Glaad gets upset about! What a useless organization! The only thing offensive about the whole thing are those socks.

  • Totakikay

    Lady Gaga is a Gay icon, not her.

  • Alexa

    Maribella, my emphasis on straight was because it was fake bisexual prick tease Katy Perry who we are discussing. Sorry if that was not clear enough.

  • Art

    The argument is daft – a risible photo and a non-transphobic comment in my opinion. Someone needs to get a new hobby and stop celebrity hunting.

  • Josh NYC

    GLAAD BAGS. What a waste of $20 million a year.

  • Wen

    Kate Perry exploits the real life lesbians and bisexuals, and not only that. She teaches young girls that you have to do anything for a guy to please him, even kissing a girl. Ive read accounts from girls and women who feel pressured these days to have a samesex interest experience and be open to that, for the guy only. Sick shit.

  • roxanne

    I don’t care much about Mrs. Perry, or the silly (in my oppinion)kind of music she is involved with.

    I am not even sure if her comment was really all that transphobic (one, by the way, I am trans myself/ two, my comprehension of English language might not always be that good…)

    What I do find offensive, is the way some people here are judjing that man (and his body) in the picture.

    That man has the right to take a photograph of his body and publish it without you making such offensive comments about it.

    By what right do you say or imply, that only pictures of bodies that you yourself (through your own personal taste…) find “tastefull” enough, should be published?

    It’s you guys and gals who are playing “Body Police”, here…

  • SC

    Everyone keeps saying that the pic is gross, but I find it incredibly interesting, in a genderfuck kinda of way…

  • Calder

    What bothers me more than the stupid joke by Perry, is the number of comments that she had a right to make the joke because the picture of this person is “gross,” “disgusting,” “ugly” and “scary.” Don’t you realise that these are the exact words used to describe gays and lesbians? It may not be to your taste and liking, but think- why is it scary? Why is OUR sexuality scary? Because it crosses the boundaries of what people think is normal or natural. Effeminate gays and butch lesbians have long been an object of ridicule even in our own community. We have minds- use them to understand that just because something is not prevalent or customary, it doesn’t make it abnormal or disgusting. When somebody says, “it shouldn’t be like that,” ask yourself why and recognise that you don’t have to like it, but you can respect that person’s choice to be who they are and not let it get you so riled up. Isn’t that what you’re asking straight people to do?

  • Lukas P.

    Katy Perry & Russell Brand are officially engaged, per the Chicago Trib. Please tell me I’m hallucinating. HAS to be a joke, right? Say it ain’t so.

    Bring out the barf bags and the candy-coated tampons.

    If they breed, those will be some f’d up looking and acting kiddos,

  • missanthrope

    God, half of you good are %$&$%&% idiots. The trans person in question was female-to-male: a guy. He’s supposed to have body hair.

    Don’t assume all trans people are male-to-female.

  • krt cbain.

    Katy Perry is a twat and I hate her and her music.
    And even though that picture is sort of… begging, for lack of a better word, for rude comments. but that doesn’t mean Katy needs to be a transphobic bitch.
    I hate her.

  • Stevie

    I am so disheartened at the responses on this post. Perry was out of line, completely. She demonstrated ignorance towards a community of people with no consideration of the fall out by judging them on their body. Not just a stupid pose, or a bad choice in clothes or whathaveyou…someone’s body. And this person happens to be going through a life changing transition and at that…probably already experience a whirlwind of negative, transphobic, hateful and perhaps even threatening feedback on their journey, however one would hope not. She did something immensely stupid and for those of you that can’t see the seriousness in that that…you are demonstrating the same sad set of ignorant perceptions and you are a part of the problem that further ostracises transpeople from accessing standard human rights.

  • Francesca

    Are you serious? That picture of the trans is obviously set up for mocking and is one of those pictures that goes around the internet for people to laugh at. The person Katy sent it to is gay and we can safely presume it’s an inside joke between them and I think the tweet itself is obvious that it’s a joke. Not homophobic. Plenty of people make jokes like that all the time but you only pick it out with Katy because she’s a “fake lesbian”. She’s hardly a fake lesbian seeing as she’s never even said she was a lesbian and I’m pretty sure she’s engaged to a bloke… Regardless of how feminin he may be. You only call her a fake lesbian because of the “I kissed a girl” song… Plenty of straight females have kissed other females, sure we don’t all make songs about it but at the end of a day.. It’s just a song the fact you’re getting so wound up over it is pretty pathetic, if I’m honest. As far as I’m concerned Katy Perry does a lot for the LGBT community and if anything you should be the ones admiring her.

  • woman

    Uh to the person who said ”
    The picture is gross. shave your back hair and be a respectable tranz. You are an adult, live like one and take care of yourself.. ”

    Real women DO NOT have to shave, and natural women don’t. So a real transwoman or a natural transwoman would not have to shave either. Know why? They’re women! Also? Adults should be hairy. I sure don’t like my pubes to look like a 5 year old!! Also, also? WHO THE FUCK CAN SHAVE THEIR BACK LOL.

  • woman

    @Francesca: Why would it be homophobic? Homophobia is not the same as transphobia, not at all. They can overlap when people confuse them, but they’re not the same. That gay person could very possibly be just as transphobic. Being gay is not a pass on not being transphobic. It is not a pass on any phobia. Gays can be transphobic, biphobic, heterophobic, and yes, even homophobic (whether it’s completely homophobic or just gay male-phobia or lesphobia). I’ve seen it all. And you think I Kissed a Girl is what everyone has done, you say? Last time I checked that would be cheating, then. People probably shouldn’t be told it’s a-okay to kiss a girl (because it means nothing LOL ammiright?) when you have a boyfriend. It’s okay to cheat and it’s okay to use other women who may actually be bisexual or lesbian for your experimentation. This reminds me of Ramona from Scott Pilgrim and how she’s a fucking horrible same-sex relationship girlfriend.

  • woman

    @James Davis: Not one that’s transphobic I have not. :)

  • mimi

    That guy might not be trans, he could just have gynomastia.

  • X

    Wow, talk about transphobia.. you people suck.

  • A

    @AndStuff: I’m pretty sure that’s an FTM, not an MTF. But even so, Perry’s comments were uncalled for and very rude.

  • anonymous

    Maybe she should stay off of /b/. Also that is a FtM. He had boobs before body hair and boobs are expensive to get rid of. Note the lack of a joystick. Dumb bitch is dumb and needs to reassess her life.

  • Ash

    Katy Perry should be ashamed of herself, and so should most of you.

    @Francesca – I kissed a girl isn’t just about platonic makeouts between lady-chums, as evidenced by the lyrics “and I liked it” and “it felt so right”, as well as the entirety of the music video. Fake bisexual might be more accurate though, since the song heavily implies that her faux-lesbian antics are done to please her boyfriend. Which is awesome, because “lesbains/ bisexual girls are just straight ladies desperate for attention” is TOTALLY a stereotype we want perpetuated. Thanks, Katy!

    @Mimi – Not a bad point, and certainly a considerably less ignorant point than a lot of these, but the guy in this picture is almost definitely a transman, hence the lack of penis.

    @Lucie Grace – Wow, that is just magnificently offensive. Nicely done there. For the people not defending KP’s fairly appalling behavior to be hypocrites, they themselves would have to be posting transphobic tweets, which clearly they are not. Personally, I think that the courage it takes to start something as massive as hormone therapy, and to post a picture like this is pretty inspiring, and kinda beautiful in a way. After he has his top surgery, it is my utterly unqualified opinion that this guy will be a total hottie.

    That’s neither here nor there, and you’re obviously entitled to your opinions otherwise. Is Katy Perry? Sure. Does she have the right to voice those (extremely transphobic) opinions and then continue claiming to be a gay icon. Yeah, I guess. Should we treat her with any respect as a consequence? F**k no we shouldn’t.

    (Should we really be having this discussion now, instead of months ago when she made a sissyphobic song that portrayed effeminate behavior as negative and insult-worthy and perpetuated a whole bunch of gay stereotypes? No, probably not)

    Also, @ Lucie Grace again – doesn’t that scare you? That a woman listened to by, as you say, MILLIONS is making this kind of ignorant, hurtful statement?

    Oh, and @ James Davis – sure, people do send offensive stuff from time to time. They get caught, they apologize, and we tend to forgive them ’cause we’re nice like that. When they put out blatantly unapologetic s**t like “I’m aware of people’s opinions, but I won’t change how I express myself as an artist.”, groups like GLAAD rightfully get a little annoyed.

  • ...

    Ugly by YOUR opinion. Stop forcing your idea of beauty onto others. Just because they don’t meet your particular standards does not mean they are ugly.

    As for saying “who wouldn’t?” laugh at that joke, are you just stupid? You’re commenting on an article written about how so many people find it unfunny.

  • Poop

    @naghanenu: That’s the point. He’s not trying to be a girl. He’s a guy. That’s why he has that much hair. He’s a female-to-male, not male-to-female like you’re assuming.

  • the_leaky_pen

    @AndStuff: Seriously? You’re gonna engage in this sort of body policing?

  • Nick

    wow…and just goes to show how many transphobic assholes (gays too) there are out there….It may not be your thing (and it’s not even mine as a transguy) but f*#k you all for your transphobic statements.

  • Nick

    @AndStuff: wow…and just goes to show how many transphobic assholes (gays too) there are out there….It may not be your thing (and it’s not even mine as a transguy) but f*#k you all for your transphobic statements.

  • cameron

    wow! that’s just wrong there are so many trans people in this world that are good people.They handle them selves in a normal manner some people may find this funny. I certainly do not as for the FTM you are as much at fault as any how could you submit a picture like that as if the community does not have enough hatred already.You of all people should know whats its like.

  • Tallis

    @ Ash~Thank you.
    I am a trans man who cannot afford top surgery but couldn’t wait any longer to start hormones. I could be that man. Reading much of this commentary made me feel unsafe…in my own skin.
    I haven’t seen any commentary from the trans man in the picture…(heavy sarcasm here) but I’m sure he’ll be glad to know how fat ugly and downright funny freaky he is. People like that should just kill themselves right…oh wait they do…the trans community has a 31% suicide rate…

  • xx

    The hatred & closed-mindedness within the LGBT community is appalling/disgusting & almost laughable. Almost. You gays think its cute to be catty & shallow, but it makes you look juvenile & insecure. Transphobia is not a good look, girl.

  • maxwell

    wow, some of these comments are downright disturbing. really? this photo was begging to be mocked? deserved negativity? how the fuck would you feel if someone said that your body, simply by existing, was asking for defamation? no one owes you attractiveness and just because you’re all cissexist sacks of shit and think trans bodies are ugly doesn’t mean they are. it was courageous as all hell for that person to post nudes of themself, knowing the disgusting excuses for people that could (and, apparently did) see it. I hope you’re all really proud of yourself for your casual anti-trans bigotry. listen to yourselves, jesus.

  • Marcy Thomas

    Ditto to all who is disgusted by transphobia and other types of bigotry. We need more love and understanding in this world. Too much negative vibration and limiting beliefs can ruin lives. Let us all raise the vibration of our world with love, joy, peace, and harmony.


  • Zam

    these comments are downright painful to read. as a transguy (female-to-male, FTM), i’m really fucking offended by this. katy perry is a straight cis woman who is being held on a pedestal as a gay icon, which she isn’t. she’s ignorant and a total moron.

    the guy pictured definitely was not begging to be mocked! he doesn’t need to shave or do anything else to be deemed attractive by you imbeciles. it’s his body, he does what he wants with it. get off your high goddamn transphobic horses.

  • Lauren

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? It’s called sarcasm. Katy is an amazing artist and continues to make me smile, as she always has. You people make me sick. Do you realize how hurtful this is? She’s not transphobic, or homophobic. Her best friend, stylist and dancers are all gay. Her song “I Kissed A Girl” CLEARLY states the fact that she’s not against it in anyway possible. I never thought I’d say something like this, but go to hell.

  • Nick

    Uh people, just because someone is friendly to gays and lesbians, does NOT make them friendly towards transpeople. In fact, there are many gays and lesbians that are not friendly towards transpeople and use offensive terms such as “hot tranny mess” or refuse to call transpeople by the correct gender. Anyone doubting if that was transphobic I’m willing to put a bet on is not trans themselves. “I Kissed A Girl” is another example of a woman pop performer trying to be seductive with the whole lesbian chic. It’s not about “hey I kissed a girl and you have no right to judge because love is love” it’s “hey look at me, I am nauugghtty and I kissed a girl…lalalala…”

  • Nick

    @Zam: I agree, it’s amazing how when people want to be in denial because they are fans and not the target of the mockery they can be in such clear denial because it suits their needs.

  • FruitFanatic KatyCat

    OH MY GOD! Seriously?! This is definitely fake. Markus is Katy’s best friend and she would tweet a joke like that. Trust me, I know Katy’s ways, and that is so unlike her. PLUS that profile picture on the fake Katy’s profile was never Katy’s actual twitter profile picture. If you don’t believe me about this article a hoax, go to twitter.com/KatyPerry and scroll down and down and down until you get tweets from 2008 and 2009. Read those tweets and comment back if you find that tweet… don’t forget to add the link to it! I’ll be waiting…
    – GG

  • turqmouse

    @naghanenu: Women can have as much hair as they wish, but that would be a trans guy…

  • turqmouse

    @Francesca: My life is not a joke…

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