War Of The Queens

Katy Perry Takes Round 1, Outsells Lady Gaga


The war between the Queen Bees is officially on thanks to an unexpected singles race between Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Both artists were forced to release their new singles after each track leaked to the internet. Immediately, the internet looked like the GIF above with fans taking sides, critics making bets, and both artists holding their breath (when not angrily tweeting at Perez Hilton).

Billboard reports that Perry is projected to outsell Gaga this week with 525,000 downloads of “Roar.” The estimate easily topples the 200,000 or so downloads for Lady Gaga’s “Applause.” While these are estimated numbers, it’s unlikely that there will be a dramatic shift in the trends. Perry easily takes round one in this battle of first week sales.

Meanwhile, rounds two and three could go either way. Today, Gaga premiered her new homage to all the fallen queens that have come before her while Perry still only has a lyric video on deck. There’s no official word when Perry will debut her counterattack. Then there’s the MTV VMAs on Sunday. Both stars are scheduled to perform and both are known for their theatrical performances on the award stage. Round three could be a doozy, with Miley Cyrus throwing herself in the mix. (The twerker announced that her album, Bangerz, will drop Oct. 8 – a full month ahead of Gaga’s.)

Regardless of the sales, where do you stand? Are you ready for a full out war that will stretch out into the winter?


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