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  • Swedish Fish

    She’s such a hottie.

  • Ash

    Challenging stereotypes ftw! I might just watch this season.

  • jason

    A lesbian Hooters waitress?? Eww, what a sell-out. In my opinion, she’s serving patriarchy and not the GLBT cause. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s one of these phony dykes with a boyfriend in the background marketing her as a “hot lesbian”. Time will tell. In any case, fuck off, Kayla.

  • SouLKid

    There was a lesbian last cycle of ANTM. I dont remember Queerty posting her up here.
    Oh i know why! U know what never mind.


    ‘Bout time they had some Lesbians on that show, being they’ve have a drag queen as a host………… :p

  • Jeffree

    The only thing that I love about the show is handsome—but sadly str8–panelist & photog Nigel Barker. Other than that i fast forward through the show. Both panelists whose names sound like Jay make me cringe every time they open their mouths, but I’m working on that phobia!

    Still, it’s great to see a lesbian well represented. Be well & have much success Kayla!

    — — —
    @Plays Well: the comedy went well. Two people before me, who usually are good, both tanked, so I had to revv up the room. Some how I did. Heat makes people cranky, and its been hot here.

    I got asked back to the club. Like in dating, that’s a good sign!


    @Jeffree: Based on the thumbs down on my post, I bombed in this room:p (C’mon guys, don’t ya think Tyra is jus’ a little drag queeny???) Glad your gig went well…..please be sure to forward the 23 cents! :p

  • Jeffree

    What Kayla has going for her, well other than being stunning, is that she was able to keep cool when other models were letting their egos get in the way. She seemed to know how to adapt herself to her various clients, something her co-stars couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

    @ Plays Well: Problem is that the stamp costs 47 cents so then you’ll end up owing ME money. :-}

    The secret of performing live comedy is two fold. 1) Make sure that you introduce yourself to every bartender and waiter/waitress in the club. They will root for you. Loudly.
    2) Read the room. If the crowd is mostly under 30, that’s probably not the place to pull out your golf or AARP jokes no matter how good they are.

    We can’t “read the room here” so we’re at a disadvantage!

  • adman

    I like that she’s down to earth, that’s cool. I wonder if her circle is approving or not? That’s gonna matter to the “producers” of this “reality show” for sure, their readying the magnifying glass as we speak.

  • gina

    They’ve had at least 3 prior lesbians and one prior trans woman contestants. Old news!

  • Viral

    @gina: exactly, way to behind on the times Queerts. On top of that, this chick doesn’t seem nearly as awesome as some of predecessors, especially Kim or Michelle

  • ErganeFlood

    @Viral She seems like a different kind of awesome… she could be a contenda!

  • Skye

    I love Kayla. She’s such an inspiration and role model for me.
    I was also sexually abused at a very young age, and that has turned me off to men.
    Seeing her show to the world that she doesn’t care what people think about her sexuality, I think I might do the same. She’s actually motivated me to not care what other people think about me, and just live life how I want to live it, and not let your sexuality get in the way of things.
    I hope she wins.(:

    Go Kayla! :D

  • Candy

    At the first glance, Kayla was not that beautiful.
    But after veiwing episodes after episodes, I have found her as a very attractive woman.
    Go Kayla, you have our support.

  • sean

    i love to see Kayla Ferrel as i watched her in ANTM 15 AFTER SOME EPISODES with my sis. i found her a very seductive woman in her own way. she’s got my attention! then, i found out she’s a lesbian. and i know why… if i hav a chance, i like to date her anyway.. surely, there’s ways to tackle a lesbian. thats need some time. i think she’s not going to be a homo for the rest of her life, woundn’t she? she’s got a place in my heart and really, i like her.

  • cham

    i love her. i was very upset when she doesn’t make to the final 2. but she make a long way though.

  • Daniel

    I actually know Kayla. The Hooters she works at is pretty close to where I live, so I go there often.

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