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Kayleigh McEnany posts mean video scolding VP Kamala Harris about kindness

Kayleigh McEnany took a moment of our her very busy schedule of being unemployed to offer Kamala Harris some unsolicited advice about how to be a better Vice President of the United States of America.

McEnany, who is currently promoting her crappy new book, recently posted a video on social media blasting Harris for being mean to her employees and saying she needs to change her behavior ASAP.

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“Just be nice to people,” McEnany scolds in the video. “It’s not that hard. Just be nice.”

“It really grates at my soul when I hear about brutal bosses that don’t appreciate those who sacrifice a lot to come work for them. And it seems like that’s what’s going on in the Vice President’s office. And it seems like that’s what’s been going on in Kamala Harris’ office for decades.”

Since taking office for less than a year ago, Harris’s office has seen a high amount of employee turnover. Last week, chief spokesperson Symone Sanders revealed she would be leaving at the end of the month. Before that, communications director Ashley Etienne also announced she was resigning.

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Why Harris’ office is seeing so many staff departures right now is unclear. People leave their jobs all the time for all sorts of reasons. But leave it to McEnany, whose boss saw a 92% turnover rate during his single term in office, to assume the absolute worst.

“I just think it’s totally unacceptable,” she says in the video.

Here’s how people on Twitter are responding to Kayleigh’s unsolicited advice to Vice President Harris…

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