Ke$ha Sends Backup Dancers To Perform Anti-Westboro Dance At Westboro Picket

The folks of the Westboro Baptist Church are diehard concert-goers. Just last month, they drove across state lines to picket the One Direction concert in Kansas City, where they were confined to a barricaded area in the parking lot.

But the clan got a warmer welcome than expected at Ke$ha’s Lincoln, Nebraska tour stop this week. When the “filthy whore” singer got word of her unlikely fans in the parking lot, she sent three of her super-gay backup dancers to perform the church’s version of her song, “We R Who We R,” in tank tops.

Just FYI, the WBC cover includes lyrics like:

Spread your legs and bat your eyes
Impudent and full of pride
Lusting heart, unsatisfied
You?s a ho-o-o (A HO!)

We normally wouldn’t endorse egging these people on, but we must give credit where credit is due. Watching three gay men break it down to “God Hates Who U R” is truly magical. Well done, Queen Ke$ha.

[h/t Jezebel]