Keith Edwards Has a Few Questions for Bill Clinton’s Gay Former Adviser, Richard Socarides

What happens when you combine a chipper, optimistic young gay with a thoughtful, politically seasoned gay who’s been around and knows the score?

You get Keith Edwards‘ interview with Richard Socarides (former adviser to President Clinton and son of stridently anti-gay psychiatrist Charles Socarides).

Keith’s a vivacious personality — perhaps you’ve seen his work on Logo? — and Richard’s one of those people who’s fascinating the moment he starts talking. Keith explains his nifty interview thusly:

There are a lot of short, funny videos on the web, but I was hard pressed to find anything thoughtful being shared through this new medium. [Editor’s note: WHAT! I resemble that remark.] I’m hoping to change that. I started this “Four Minutes With ______ ” series in hopes of inspiring and teaching people through the use of new media.

Though I have focused mainly on gay men, I hope to interview anyone passionate about what they do and willing to share their life experience on video.

Richard Socarides, who’s interviewed here, has been longtime friend of mine who I first met through a mutual friend a few years back. He’s been a real mentor to me and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to share some of his wisdom with the world.

We’re looking forward to sharing more of Keith’s interviews in the future, but if you simply can’t wait until then, here’s his site, which is not at all self-promotional. Also, here he is with his shirt off. This is Queerty, after all.