Keith Olbermann Sticks It To Bill O’Reilly


We never get tired of seeing Bill O’Reilly get put in his place, though there will never be anything as funny as the revelation that the conservative TV host likes to stick a vibrator in his butt while masturbating.

After beating out Anderson Cooper for the “Sexiest Newscaster” award last year, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann is all cocky and thinks he rules the world, citing the increase in ratings for MSNBC and his show Countdown in particular. We’ve never seen the show since we read our news on the Internet, but we imagine it’s probably as boring as Paula Zahn or any of those other talking head shows. Still, we give Mr. Olbermann props for coming out in such a weirdly aggressive fashion against his nemesis Mr. O’Reilly:

Fox’s ratings are lower than they were five years ago. Bill-Oh, 267,000 of your nightly viewers have vanished since last June. Call Fox Security, they are missing.

We hope there is a response forthcoming. Watch the video segment after the jump.

[via PageOneQ]